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About Bluebird Music

Distributors of exceptional audio products for music lovers.

Welcome to Bluebird Music. We are a distributor of high quality audiophile stereo equipment. Each of our product lines has been carefully chosen to bring you exceptional sound and superior value. Each brand offers something unique and very special and must be heard to be appreciated.

We offer stereo speakers, amplifiers, cd players, phono cartridges, audio and video cables, speaker wires and home theater surround systems. We also have wireless iPod docks and USB DACs so you can enjoy the best sound possible when streaming audio from your computer, iPod or music server.

These products are available only through our carefully selected network of highly skilled dealers. Our dealers are experts who are passionate about great sound and know how to build exceptional audio systems. They are happy to help you, whatever your needs. When you are ready contact us at the link below. Include your city, state and product interest and we'll send you the name of your closest dealer.

Bluebird Music does not sell directly to the public. All sales and service for our products is available only through our network of highly skilled Authorized Dealers. 


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