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Designing your Ultimate Hi-Fi System

How to build the system of your dreams
by Jay Rein, president, Bluebird Music.

What is great hi-fi?

When a hi-fi system is just right you know it instantly. The system conveys the feeling and emotion you normally experience only at a live performance. You want to listen more, maybe you feel like singing along, maybe you feel like getting up and dancing, or maybe you just like to close your eyes and be transported to another time or place. Either way - it's real music, it's a thrill, and you're hooked! Once you've experienced this emotional connection you don't need to talk about "transparency and imaging" because the music just sounds right and it feels good!
Chord Electronics, Peak Consult and Van den Hul at CES.
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What is an Ultimate System?

By Ultimate we do not necessarily mean outrageously expensive systems. In fact, some quite affordable systems can also be extremely musically satisfying. An Ultimate System is simply a system that "works" better and delivers something very special - namely a "magical" musical performance as described above.
One of the keys to great hi-fi is system synergy. In a properly matched system the characteristics and strengths of each component complement each other. Each component's strengths are magnified and the overall sonic attributes of the resulting system are well-balanced.
Two great components which don't match well can conflict and produce a very mediocre system, while two merely good components which match well can combine to produce a great result. All good dealers know this, and this is why you need to audition a new component in your system at home.
Simply buying expensive products which don't match properly is a waste of money because you are losing the benefits of a properly matched system where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.
With proper synergy Ultimate Systems significantly outperform even considerably higher priced systems where synergy is lacking. Or, stated another way, Ultimate Systems deliver any given level of musical performance at a price far less than you would expect.

Building Your Own Ultimate System

There is no magical formula to create a great hi-fi system. There is no set of measurements or specifications that you can follow. Similarly, you cannot simply combine two or more products which have received favorable reviews. The only answer is to experiment. You need to try components in your system and in your own listening room.
Hi-Fi dealers spend countless hours experimenting. An experienced, knowledgeable dealer really is your best resource. Find a good dealer you can work with. If you need investment advice would you go to the internet and ask everyone for stock tips, or would you seek out the most knowledgeable and skilled advisor you could find? If you want the ultimate hi-fi system you should do the same. In the end, a good dealer will help you get the kind of sound you want, and will save you time and money. You will end up with a system that will thrill and delight for years.
Welcome to high end audio done right. 
Call a Bluebird Music Authorized Dealer and create your personal ultimate system.
For a wonderful description of what real music playback is, click the above menu option Olsher's Ultimate to read the terrific depiction by enjoythemusic.com's Dick Olsher.

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