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Chord Electronics SPM 650 MA mono-block amplifiers.

Mono Power Amplifiers

Chord's mono amplifiers deliver true state-of-the-art performance in a handsome, room friendly package. Featuring Chord's massive proprietary power supplies, innovative dynamic coupling design, and unique custom made lateral structure dual-die MOSFETs, these beasts can drive the most difficult loudspeakers in the very largest rooms to live levels with life-size dynamics, complete control, perfect coherence and ultimate resolution, while still retaining the music's subtle nuances, fine harmonic detail, and natural timber and tonal balance.
While some designs excel at recreating certain forms of music, ultimately no other amplifiers can so faithfully capture the essence and emotion of the performance of all types of music. That is why Chord is the amplification of choice in a very high percentage of the very best studios worldwide, and why, if you truly want to create the illusion of a live performance in your home Chord should be your choice too.


The SPM 650 Mono Amplifiers, pictured above, offer the best bang for the buck in high end audio. With huge upgraded power supplies, these surprisingly affordable amplifiers deliver 300 watts (into 8 ohms) and much higher current for a dramatic instantaneous burst power capability. If you have been dreaming about getting into a truly high end pair of high power mono-blocks without breaking the bank the SPM 650MA is the answer to your dreams.

SPM 1400E

This 480 watt mono-block provides all the benefits of mono amplification while retaining all of the much loved qualities of Chord amplifiers. Improvements in capacitor technology have boosted secondary reservoir levels to 94,000 uF storing over 381 Joules of energy. A "Superamp" in all but dimensions, this amplifier is for those whose goal is direct comparison between live and recorded music, a sentiment echoed by reviewers and customers alike.
Output is 480 watts into 8ohms, 800 into 4, and 1000 into 2. Connections are 4 gold plated WBT output connectors, 2 XLR balanced inputs and 2 RCA-Phono single ended inputs. Dimensions 19"(w) x 7"(h) x 14"(d). Weight 36 lbs. This is the consumer version of the amplifier of choice at leading studios around the world including Skywalker and Abbey Road.
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SPM 6000

The Chord SPM 6000 mono power amplifier has been designed with the same no compromise philosophy as the Chord flagship Reference mono amplifier, the SPM 14000. The SPM 6000 is built with a performance that is truly spectacular. The secret to this level of musical performance and dynamic ability is the power supply.
Output is 750 watts into 8ohms, 1500 into 4, and 3000 into 2. Connections are 4 gold plated High Current WBT output connectors, 2 XLR balanced inputs and 2 RCA-Phono single ended inputs. Dimensions 19"(w) x 7"(h) x 26"(d). Weight 77 lbs. These mono-blocks, (or the 14000s), are on demonstration at all Chord Reference dealers.
SMP 6000 mono-blocks

SPM 14000

The Chord SPM 14000 Ultimate mono amplifier, pictured below, has been designed as simply the finest amplifier Chord Electronics has ever built. The SPM 14000 features three of the latest generation 4kW-capable power supplies, utilizing multiple clocking and spread spectrum techniques to provide the best possible noise performance. With no less that sixty-four of Chord's lateral structure power output devices, this mono amplifier has massive, effortless reserves of energy and incredibly low distortion.
Output is 1000 watts into 8 ohms @ 0.01% distortion, (2000w into 4 ohms), frequency response 3dB, 10Hz to 90Khz (8 ohms), signal to noise ratio is better than -103dB, with 30dB of gain and unconditional stability. Connections are 4 gold plated High Current WBT output connectors, 2 XLR balanced inputs and 2 RCA-Phono single ended inputs. Dimensions 19"(w) x 13"(h) x 26"(d). Weight 77 lbs.
"The Chord SPM 14000 Ultimate is the finest pure-solid-state amplifier I have auditioned and one of the very finest amplifiers to be found, period. 
 - Paul Bolin, Stereophile March 2006, Stereophile Class A Recommended Component

SPM 14000 Ultimate mono-blocks - click for large image.