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Chord Indigo Universal Pre-Amplifier Picture

Indigo Universal Pre Amplifier /
Control Center

The Indigo is the very latest in Chord's digital product development. It was designed to be a universal control center for both digital and analog sources. Indigo takes Chord's most advanced pre amp, D/A conversion and wireless technology and combines it all into one convenient full sized ultimate product.
The name Indigo was chosen to follow our two other products, Blu and Red and as Indigo is the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, it denotes the extreme complexity and advanced nature of this new product. 
The Indigo includes a revolutionary digital iPod dock with wireless input and is supplied with a modified digital iPod Classic. Thus a true digital signal can be feed directly into the Indigo's DAC circuitry. This can at last turn the iPod into a true, high end music source, providing uncompressed music files are used.
Using the supplied adapter, and the included modified iPod, you can send a true digital signal from your iPod to the Indigo from anywhere in a room. Thus you can sit in your chair and control your stereo with the iPod in your hand.
For unmodified iPods a standard high quality A2DP radio dongle is provided which allows any iPod to be played through the Indigo. Of course the Indigo also works with music servers, PCs, PDAs, cell phones and other wireless devices just as the QBD76 does.
Key Indigo features include:
- QBD76 D/A conversion
- SPDIF, AES, optical, USB, digital Bluetooth and iPod digital inputs
- Digital and analog connection and charging for iPod
- Transfer music files via USB input from your computer to your iPod
- Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, both line level and volume controlled
- AV by-pass via line level input
- Low noise headphone output jack on front panel
- Pre amp section based on Chord's CPA 5000, (their most advanced pre amp)
The Indigo is available now and ships with a modified iPod Classic and two wireless dongles, one analog and one digital.