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Wilson Audio Celebrates 40 Years in Business with new Spendor D7 and A6R

Wilson Audio of Metairie, LA celebrated 40 years in business with the Grand Opening party of their brand new store!

With 39 years of Spendor sales under his belt Doug Wilson is America's longest-standing Spendor dealer! Congratulations Doug - and thank you for your unprecedented support!

Visit Wilson Audio at 3133 Edenborn, Metairie, LA, (New Orleans), or for more info please call Wilson Audio at 504-888-8851.


Chord Electronics with Magico at The Show Newport Beach, June 2014

Bluebird partnered with top LA dealer Brooks Berdan Limited and Magico in the Hilton rooms 828 and 826. This year promises great sounds with a demonstration of a Chord Electronics-Magico system in one room and a Spendor-Jadis system in the other.
Chord Electronics with Magico at Newport Beach 2014


North American Debut of Estelon Extreme, Mountain View, CA, June 2014

Northern California dealer Audio High presented the new Estelon Extreme loudspeakers with Chord Electronics at their store June 2014.

The brand new Estelon Extreme, pictured at right, (worldwide launch Munich May 15, 2014), is Estelon's new signature loudspeaker. Estelon follows a philosophy of blending technology, design and hand craftsmanship to create a loudspeaker with a natural, pure sound and a beautiful, graceful aesthetic.

Estelon's award-winning X Diamond loudspeaker is a successful execution of this philosophy. The new Estelon Extreme builds on this philosophy and approaches the pinnacle of advanced engineering. The result is a remarkable world-class, statement loudspeaker which achieves perfect harmony between design and technology and delivers a rich, dynamic, tactile, immersive listening experience.

Each Extreme loudspeaker is comprised of two modules; upper and lower. The upper modules are adjustable for optimizing the sound to the listening room and they also provide ideal isolation to deliver the purest possible sound. Driver technology is highly advanced. The Extreme features two 10" aluminum dome woofers, one 10" aluminum mid-bass driver, one 7" ceramic midrange and one 1.5" Diamond inverted dome tweeter.

Pictured at right: Estelon X Diamonds with Chord Electronics in Audio High's high-end theater.
"Rarely have I left a demo so aware that, if I hadn't needed to run home and let the dogs out, I would have lingered to listen for hours more. Forget the 3-minute track approach to power blogging; the Estelon Extreme is the real deal. Through it, listening is an unmitigated pleasure, and unfailingly enlightening."  - Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, June 2014.
"The Extreme can replicate the full soundstage of the orchestra with excellent focus and layered depth, yet does not exaggerate the size of smaller ensembles as many large speaker systems do. However, what was most startling about the performance of the Extreme was its wonderful transparency and naturalness. It provided a very clear window onto the soundstage, and while it was quite detailed, there was no hint of brightness on an array of fine-sounding Reference Recordings." - Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, June 2014
To arrange your personal audition please contact leading Bay Area dealer Audio High, 165 Moffett Blvd., Mt. View, CA at 650-964-4000 or email info@audiohigh.com.

Estelon X Diamond and XB at Soundstage Fine Audio, Waterloo, ON

Customers in Ontario Canada now have a wonderful place to get a great demonstration of the Estelon X Diamonds and XB loudspeakers. Soundstage Fine Audio is a unique store which specializes in products which they believe contribute to improving quality of life. If you are passionate about great music you can be guaranteed a great listening experience, and expert advice, at Soundstage Fine Music, 59 Regina Street North, Waterloo, ON. Tel: 519-885-4750. www.soundstagefineaudio.com


Computer and Streaming Audio Event at Toronto's Executive Stereo, March 2014

It’s a high tech digital world and with an unlimited number of music downloads and internet FM stations available, your opportunities to re-connect with the music you love have never been greater.

If you’ve ever wondered about getting better sound in your home, downloading music, playing music from your computer, playing music from your iPad or Smart Phone this is the perfect opportunity to discover the exciting new world of possibilities.

Meet the Chord factory reps, and see and hear the best-of-breed Chord Electronics DSX 1000 Network Music Player, during this informative and fun evening. RSVP not necessary but appreciated, Tel. 416-927-1400 or exec1@rogers.com


Bluebird Music Presents the World's Most Desirable Audio Brands at CES 2014 Room 1 - Chord-Estelon Room

Venetian 29-222 featured our ultimate high end system: Estelon X-Diamond loudspeakers, Chord Electronics SMP 14000 monoblocks, CPA 8000 preamplifier, DSX 1000 Network Music Player, Symphonic phono stage, Jadis new Thalie turntable and Kubala-Sosna Elation cables. 

Chord-Estelon Room Named Top Three Best Sounding at CES 2014

“This is one room that I'm glad I didn't miss. The system was shockingly neutral and detailed with excellent control and resolution from top to bottom of the music spectrum. Now, even the minutest details and softest shadings were immediately discernible with zero mechanical feeling or artificial edge... each of the singers was cleanly separated and the vocalization and intelligibility was amazing.”
- Myles Astor, Positive Feedback, CES Show Report, Top Three Best, January 2014
"...superb sounding... absolutely phenomenal."
 - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, CES Show Report, January 2014
"the Chord SPM 14000 monoblock amps powered the Estelon with beautiful results."
 - Albert Porter, Positive Feedback, CES Show Report, January 2014


Jadis, Spendor and van den Hul at CES 2014 Bluebird Room 2

Venetian 29-221 system included: new Jadis PRE1 preamplifier, PA100 power amplifier, JS2 MkIII DAC, Spendor SP2/3R2 loudspeakers and van den Hul 3T cables, MacBook and Leema Acoustics Elements CD player as transports.
"I found the combination of Jadis and Spendor totally magical. It certainly flattered a CD of a Rossini String Symphony with the warm and special sound that made former Stereophile editor Jonathan Scull salivate over Jadis products, and impelled me to buy the DA-7 amplifier, a later incarnation of the Defy 7 amp that J10 reviewed."   - Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, CES Show Report, January 2014

NYC dealer In Living Stereo presents the Spendor Classics and Ultimate Tabletop HiFi in New York - November 2013.

Join us at Manhattan dealer In Living Stereo and hear the Spendor Classic loudspeakers and lots of great hifi. Have some fun with the Spendor Classic SP2/3R2 - a modern twist on a Classic theme. Also introducing the Ultimate Tabletop HiFi - yes Susan that is the stereo!  In Living Stereo, 2 Great Jones Street, Manhattan. Wednesday November 20 from 6 - 10 pm. For more information please contact In Living Stereo at 212-979-1273.

Chord SPM 5000 Monoblocks and KEF Blades in Los Angeles, October 2013

Bradley Zimring, managing partner at Audio High Los Angeles presents Chord Electronics SPM 5000 moonoblocks with KEF Blade loudspeakers. A great place to kick back and hear some great music. Audio High LA, 605 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles. Tel: 323-939-3000.

LA dealer Brooks Berdan presents Chord, Magico, Spendor, McIntosh and Jadis. October 2013.

Brooks Berdan Ltd hosted a fun, exciting and informative afternoon featuring the latest products from: Jadis, Spendor, Magico and Chord Electronics. Features systems included: Spendor D7 with McIntosh 275 monoblocks and Magico Q7 with Chord Electronics SPM 14000 monoblocks, and a stunning Jadis/Magico room featuring the new JA120 monoblocks.

Also on demonstration were: Jadis' affordable I-35 integrated, Spendor Classic SP100R2 loudspeakers, Chord's QuteHD DSD DAC and new DSX 1000 Network Music Player. Hear it all at Brooks Berdan Ltd., 110 West Olive Avenue, Monrovia, CA. Tel: 626-359-9131. (We were so eager for the Jadis/Magcio pic we couldn't wait until the set up was finished.)
Setting up the Jadis JA120 with Magicos

Spendor D7 at Montreal Dealer Codell Audio, October 2013

Codell Audio, 5339 Ferrier Street, Montreal, and Spendor hosted an open house featuring Spendor’s new flagship D7 loudspeakers, and Spendor’s Classic speakers. Bluebird's Jay Rein gave an informative presentation on Spendor’s in-house manufacturing capabilities. A shoot-out between A6R and SP2/3R2 kept listeners highly entertained and dumbfounded. Please contact Codell at 514-737-4531.

Estelon Luxury Lifestyle in California, October 2013

Bluebird Music and Sacramento CA area dealer ISD put on a wonderful "VIP" event for local end users and custom designers. ISD specializes in high end custom and entertainment systems and has a wonderful facility to display real-life high end systems. Here are a couple snaps that show you the environment.


A super luxurious, compact high-end lifestyle system was on display featuring the Estelon X Diamond speakers driven by Linn's compact high-performance electronics. Talk about luxury lifestyle! Picture this in your home.

Bluebird rep Steven Lester ran the "Big system" featuring the Chord Electronics flagship CPA 8000 Pre-Amplifier and SPM 14000 Monoblock Amplifiers in 2.2, stereo with two subs in the great room.  The screen was 160' diag, with the Lumis UNO blowing people minds until well after midnight!

The goal of the evening was to promote audio and video well beyond people's normal thinking. There was a fantastic buzz. This is was not ISD's first event, but this was the biggest and most successful thus far.

THE Show - Newport Beach, May 31 - June 2, 2013 - Hilton Orange County Airport - Room 323

Room 1 - North American Debut of Spendor D7 Loudspeakers

Bluebird Music and Los Angeles dealer Affordable Audio were delighted to unveil Spendor's new D7 loudspeakers along with Exposure amplification, van den Hul 3T cables and Chord Electronics' award-hording QuteHD high-resolution DSD DAC.

Spendor D7 speakers at Newport Beach show

Room 2 - Jadis and Spendor

Los Angeles dealer Brooks Berdan Limited presented the new Jadis JA120 monoblock amplifiers along with Spendor A9 loudspeakers.
Jadis and Spendor at Newport Beach show

New York Audio Show - Manhattan, April 12 -14, 2013 - New York Palace - Rooms 909 and 1126

Room 1: Neil Young is holding on Line 1

Bluebird Music and Audio Doctor teamed up in room 1126 for a fabulous presentation featuring Chord Electronics' new DXS1000 music streamer, new flagship CPA 8000 pre-amp, SPM 14000 monoblock amplifiers along with the KEF Blade loudspeakers and Kronos turntable.
Chord Electronics and KEF Blades at NY Audio Show 2013
Chord CPA 8000 Preamp at NY Audio Show 2013
"Bluebird Music demonstrated an impressive system comprising KEF Blade loudspeakers, Chord SPM 14000 MkII mono amplifiers, the Chord CPA 8000 Reference preamp, and the Kronos turntable - a combination on which Neil Young's Comes a Time album sounded so good, I can scarcely wait to hear it again when I get home."   - Art Dudley, Stereophile, NY Audio Show, April 2013

"Of course the KEF room was jamming, had great sound. This system gets my award for Most Desirable High-End Audio system To Bring Home to Mother. Ok, it also gets today's Best Sound At The Show Award too."
 - Steven Rochlin, Enjoy the Music, NY Audio Show, April 2013

"Let’s move on to one of my favorite rooms, there, the sleek KEF Blade was being driven by an imposing array of Chord gear and a Kronos ‘table. The sound was preternaturally pure and effortlessly dynamic, especially when playing a lacquer of Elvis Presley’s 'Are You Lonesome Tonight', but also when streaming digital."
 - Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, NY Audio Show, April 2013

Room 2: Spendor, Jadis and the Black Crowes

Room 909 featured the US premier of the new Spendor SP100R2 loudspeakers, the new Jadis Calliope CD transport and the new Jadis JS1 MkIV DAC. Electronics were Jadis' world famous JP80 MC pre-amp and JA200 monoblocks, (both the newer MkIII versions), connected with Van den Hul 3T cables. Attendees also had the opportunity to meet Philip Swift of Spendor and JC Calmettes of Jadis.
Spendor and Jadis at New York Audio Show 2013
"I noticed the speaker’s full-bodied midrange and well-controlled bass and decided this room needs some rock. We put on The Black Crowes’ The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. There it was! Oh baby! That juicy midrange! Guitarist Marc Ford became Mark 'F*ckin' Ford burning the room to pieces with his searing bends. Chris Robinson’s chest-ripping performance on 'Sometimes Salvation' was full of blood pumping serious blues-rock soul into the hearts of the listeners in the room.
Suddenly, the CD started to skip. Jay Rein of Bluebird Music, importer of Spendor loudspeakers, jumped at the volume control and said I’m sorry, this CD is beat all to hell and only for the car. Bitran: Who cares dude! The music is great! Keep it going!' But… and then Rein paused himself, pressed play, and sat down. Wow. This really does sound good, he affirmed. We sat through the skips and kept rocking out.”

- Ariel Bitran, Stereophile, NY Audio Show, April 2013

"If you want real music this is all you need" - David Chesky, NY Audio show, April 2013

Salon Son Image - Montreal, March 21 -24 - Hilton Bonaventure - Rooms St-Pierre and 2339

Bluebird will be participating in two rooms this year. In the St-Pierre room Montreal dealer Audioville, who is just opening their exotic new showroom at 4340 rue Saint-Denis, will be presenting Chord Electronics with Totem speakers. The presentation will include the Canadian debut of Chord's new DSX 1000 music streamer.

In room 2339, Bluebird and Montreal's two channel boutique specialist Audiophonie will present the new Spendor SP2/3R2 speakers along with Jadis electronics and Van den Hul cables. This year's system will be more affordable but still produce the magic! It's a special sound and for sure a system worth hearing.

Chord Electronics at Bristol Show 2013

CES - Las Vegas, January 8 - 11, 2013 - Venetian Room 30-308

This year we demonstrated a fabulous system featuring some of our more affordable high end components, including: Peak Consult InCognito X loudspeakers ($26,000), Van den Hul 3T Mountain interconnects ($1,500) and Cumulus speaker cable ($6,995), Chord Electronics' new SPM 1200 MkII Stereo Amplifier ($14,000) bottom component in right photo, and the new Chord DSX 1000 Streamer ($13,000), winner of the What Hi-Fi Star of the Show award, shown in the middle picture.
"It was ear-opening to discover how much captivating air and depth they can produce... the [SPM 1200MkII] which replaces the SPM 1200E yet costs a little less - surprise is a fully balanced design." 
- Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile CES 2013 Show Report

Mountain View, CA - Audio High, November 2012.

Click here to read the complete review.California dealer Audio High welcomed John Franks of Chord to introduce Chord's new DSX 1000 Music Streamer. Franks demonstrated two systems. One system featured Chord's flagship SPM 14000 monoblocks and CPA 8000 preamplifier, partnered with the incredible $110,000 Peak Consult Kepheus loudspeakers. A second system featured Chord's new QuteHD DAC with a Chord 3350 integrated amplifier, Peak Consult Empress speakers and a five-figure CD player from another manufacturer.

The new Chord QuteHD DAC and DSX 1000 Streamer certainly impressed the press in attendance:
"The entry-level Chord QuteHD DAC trumped the competition. Instead of the presentation rendered by the five-figure CD player, the QuteHD DAC delivered a far more appealing, richer presentation in which edge was replaced by body and substantial color."  - Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, Nov 2012.
"While the technology behind the DSX 1000 is impressive so is the sound. My initial impression of this system was very favorable: the noise floor was astonishingly low and let subtle details emerge, bass was solid and controlled, the leading edges of transients were incredibly quick without any blurring, and the system was able to track wide dynamic swings remarkably well. The overall sound was quite relaxed and natural-sounding—a hurdle that many digital front ends do not clear. The Chord Electronics DSX-1000 is one of the most musically satisfying digital front ends I have heard." - Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, Nov 2012.


Philadelphia, PA - David Lewis Audio, November 11, 2012.

David Lewis Audio and Bluebird Music welcomed the Philadelphia Area Audio Group. Chord's John Franks explained Chord's unique digital and amplification technology. Demo system featured Peak Consult Empress speakers, driven by Chord's Reference SPM 6000 monoblocks, CPA 5000 Preamplifier and Red Reference MkIII CD player. These are the same electronics now used by Peak Consult at their own shows! For your own personal demonstration please call the store at 215-725-4080.


Toronto, ON - Executive Stereo, November 2012.

Chord's John Franks was on hand to present Chord Electronics and demonstrate the same Chord / Spendor / Van den Hul system that excited and delighted press and customers alike at the Newport Beach show last June. (See full description under Newport Beach 2012 below). Executive Stereo, 2076 Avenue Road, Toronto. Thursday November 15 from 5pm - 9pm. For questions or details please call the store at 416-927-1400.


California Audio Show - San Francisco, August 2012.

Audio High, Bluebird Music and KEF again presented their stunning Chord Reference - KEF Blade system at the California Audio Show.
“that [Chord] system helped the marvelous KEF Blade sound better than I’ve heard it sound at any show, yielding terrific soundstaging, natural music timbre, remarkable coherence (for a multi-driver system), and well-controlled deep bass.” - Jim Hannon, TAS, Cali Audio Show, Aug2012.

THE Show - Newport Beach, June 2012.

ROOM 1: Bluebird Music and California dealer Audio High present the Spendor Classic SP2/3R2 loudspeakers ($4,295/pair), which take the tweeter, crossover and cabinet upgrades from the flagship SA1 and ST speakers and combine them with Spendor's BBC-proven design. The SP2/3R2s were partnered with Chord's new SPM 1200 Mk II stereo power amplifier, ($14,000), ultra low noise CPA 5000 preamplifier and Red Reference Mk III CD player. Cables were Van den Hul's new 3T (True Transmission Technology). The handsome, understated equipment rack comes from Quadraspire and is made of bamboo which is an excellent material for getting rid of harmful vibrations.
"I heard nothing but good vibrations in this room. The overall sound was very easy to enjoy, marked by a full bottom-end and a good sense of space."
  - Steven Mejias, Stereophile Newport Beach Show report, June 2012
"This room was another great place to sit back and jam out to your fave tunes."
 - Steven Rochlin, enjoythemusic Newport Beach Show report, June 2012
ROOM 2: KEF and Audio High present the KEF Blade loudspeakers driven by Chord's Red Reference CD player, CPA 5000 Preamplifier and SPM 6000 Mk II 750 watt monoblock amplifiers which deliver a heart-stopping 3,000 watts into two ohms! So powerful the sound is almost blowing over KEF's Brand Development Manager Johan Coorg.
KEF Blade loudspeakers with Chord Electronics
"The KEF Blades ($30,000/pair) were making very warm, inviting, and, yes, coherent sound with lovely depth when paired with the Chord SPM 6000 monoblock amplifiers ($49,000/ pair), Chord CPA 5000 preamp ($20,000), Chord Red Reference Mk III CD/DAC ($25,000), and a MacBook Pro rigged to play J River."
 - Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile Newport Beach Show Report, June 2012

"The best I've ever heard the Blades sound is with the Chord Electronics."
 - Johan Coorg, Brand Development Manager, KEF

NY Audio & AV Show - New York, April 2012.

Below Bluebird Music and KEF presented Chord Electronics' Red Reference Mk III CD player, CPA 5000 preamplifier, 500 watt SPM 1400E monoblock amplifiers and the KEF Blade loudspeakers.

KEF Blade speakers with Chord Electronics

"The larger of the two Audio Doctor rooms at the Waldorf=Astoria featured KEF's Blade speaker driven by Chord monoblocks and a Chord Red Reference digital player. This was my first chance to hear the English manufacturer's $30,000/pair speaker, which has been featured at dealer events the past few months. I was not disappointed: the sound of the Reference Recordings Scheherazade had focus and stability, coupled with an even full-range balance.  - John Atkinson, Stereophile NY Audio & AV Show Report, April 2012

Salon Son & Image - Montreal, March 2012.

A big show with big systems this year. At left the Chord new Red Reference Mk III CD player with the QBD76 High Definition DAC capability, the new CPA 8000 Reference Preamplifier and the new SPM 5000 Mk II stereo power amplifier drive the KEF Blade loudspeakers. At right the Spendor SP100R2s are being driven by the Jadis Orphee 1 CD player, JPL Mk III Preamplifier and DA7 Mk IV stereo power amplifier all connected with Van den Hul's new 3T cables.
KEF Blades in Montreal with Chord Electronics Spendor SP100R2 with Jadis Orphee 1, JPL and DA7 Mk IV
"I was delighted by the sound being made by Montreal dealer Audiophonie-partly, I admit, because they were demonstrating an all-new version of the venerable Spendor SP100, now in R2 form. Its tone, touch, spatial presentation, and vibe were all just about perfect. I will beg-yes, beg-for the opportunity to write about the Spendor in the months to come."   - Art Dudley, Stereophile Festival Son & Image Show Report, March 2012

CES 2012 Show Report - Las Vegas, January 2012.

Bluebird Music presented two systems; the first featuring Chord Electronics driving the incredible Peak Consult Kepheus loudspeakers, shown below left. The second system was a MacBook connected to the new High Definition QBD76HD with a Jadis JPL preamplifier and DA7 power amplifier driving the Spendor A5 speakers. All cables were Van den Hul 3T.
  Peak Consult Kepheus with Chord Electronics Spendor A5 with Jadis JPL, DA7 Mk IV and QBD76 HD

TAVES Show Report - Toronto, October 2011.

Toronto gets its groove back. Bluebird Music and Toronto dealer Executive Stereo had room 682 rocking at Toronto's King Edward Hotel. An affordable and incredibly musically involving system featured the brand new Spendor SP2/3R2 speakers, $4,295/pair, with Exposure's 3010S2 $1,595 pre-amplifier and $2,895 100 watt mono-blocks. Van den Hul's new 3T speaker wire The Cloud and 3T interconnect The Rock made the connections. Source upgrades came from the awesome Chord Electronics QBD76 high performance DAC and JA Michell Tecnodec turntable with EAR 834P phono stage.

The Exposure 3010S2 mono-block amplifiers are based on Exposures ultra high-end MCX mono-blocks and as such deliver incredible performance at an unbeatable value. These mono-blocks are a true bargain rarely found in the high end world! Check out comments from the show below. Toronto customers can find Executive Stereo at their new location 2076 Avenue Road, Toronto, or call them at 416-927-1400.
Spendor SP2/3R2 and Exposure 3010S2 at TAVES.
"A well-balanced system-both in terms of the price of its components and the sound."
 - Robert Deutsch, Stereophile TAVES show report, October 2011.
"I thought the Spendor SP2/3R2 sounded really sweet with Exposure electronics."
[My nomination for best sound was] "JA Michelle Tecnodec with a Ortofon 2M Bronze, Exposure Electronic, and damn it if I can't recall the speakers in the Bluebird Music room [Spendor SP2/3R2].  If you took out the expensive speaker cables (Van den Hul) the entire system was clocking in at just a little over 10K. Sounded like more... much more!"
"Great sound for what was a pretty reasonable source."
"The Spendor SP2/3R2, one of my favorite rooms".

THE Show - Newport Beach, June 2011.

In conjunction with new Los Angeles dealer Audio High, Bluebird demonstrated Van den Hul's stunning new 3T cables, Exposure's affordable 3010S2 electronics and Spendor's award-winning A6 loudspeakers. Attendees were very impressed and remarked affordable high-end audio never sounded so good. Also on demonstration was the Chordette Gem wireless USB DAC with matching Chordette Scamp power amplifier. Finally the ultra high-end was represented by the Peak Consult Princess XE loudspeakers partnered with the powerhouse Chord Electronics CPM 3350 integrated amplifier. This room illustrated Bluebird's product range from inexpensive computer audio to affordable high-end to ultra high-end. LA customers can find Audio High at 605 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, or call 310-927-3407.

Salon Son & Image Show Report - Montreal, April 2011.

We used a similar set up to our CES 2011 presentation, (Chord Electronics’ world renowned SPM 1400 monoblock amplifiers and Van den Hul’s new 3T cables), but with the new Peak Consult Princess XE loudspeakers instead of the El Diablos. This room-friendly ultra high end system impressed listeners with its incredibly realistic and dynamic presentation, and with a very authentic, natural tonal balance which has become the Bluebird 'trademark'.
A purple two-high Chordette system featuring the Gem - our wireless Bluetooth USB DAC, the Chordette Scamp amplifier, Spendor A5 speakers and an iPad as the source absolutely blew listeners away with terrific sound which dramatically exceeded expectations. Listeners were universally impressed, with virtually everyone being surprised at how good this system sounded. The striking good looks of the purple two-high Chordette didn't hurt either.
Chordette Gem and Spendor A5 speakers Peak Consult Princess XE speakers and Chord SPM 1400 monoblock
"The Peak Princess sounded true to its name; serenely composed and very refined. The Princess seemed to have a knack for conveying detail without brightness, and the system as a whole played small-scale vocal music with a nice sense of immediacy and realism."  - Art Dudley, Stereophile SSI 2011 Show Report

CES 2011 Show Report - Las Vegas, January 2011.

Bluebird Music presented a high end system consisting of the incredible Peak Consult El Diablo V loudspeakers, Chord Electronics' Red Reference Mk II CD Player, CPA 5000 pre-amplifier, world renowned 500 watt SPM 1400 mono-blocks and Van den Hul's revolutionary new 3T cables. This big system truly delivered the ultimate sound with authentic, real world, you-are-there presentation and dynamics. Words can't do justice to the sound but suffice it to say those who sat and listened to our Scheherazade presentation stayed the whole nine plus minutes until the end of the piece. (Not so common at a hi-fi show where listeners are always pressed for time.)
Also on demonstration were: three of Chord's Chordette systems, (pictured below), Spendor A6 speakers and Peak Consult's beautiful new Princess XE speakers, (also pictured below). Listeners were pleasantly surprised with the excellent sound made by the Chordette system, which featured an iPad as the source, Van den Hul D-102 and D-352 cables and Spendor A6 speakers.
Peak Consult El Diablo speakers with Chord Electronics 
Peak Consult Princess XE Loudspeakers Chord Chordette systems
"for an all-too-brief interlude, I was transported from the fake glitz of Las Vegas into the more real sonic world of the Arabian Nights."  - John Atkinson, Stereophile CES 2011 Show Report

"bass response here was exceptionally fast and deep...  overall dynamics were sensational, making for sterling reproduction of the highly percussive cuts."   - Jonathan Valin, TAS 2011 CES Show Report

"the sound is excellent, particularly in the bass"  - Marc Philip, Magazine-Audio CES 2011 Show Report



Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report - Denver, October 2010.

Bluebird Music presented a high end system consisting of the new Peak Consult InCognito XII loudspeakers, Chord Electronics Red Reference Mk II CD Player, CPA 5000 pre-amplifier and world renowned 500 watt SPM 1400 mono-blocks. The system, connected with Van den Hul SuperNova and MC Silver cables, had a fantastic synergy with an incredibly natural tonal balance, gorgeous textures and layers of music, with speed, articulation and stunning dynamics.
Chord Electronics, Peak Consult and Van den Hul system.
"Peak Consult is a new brand for Jay Rein’s Bluebird Music, and the company’s attractive InCognito XII loudspeaker ($22,000/pair) sounded just perfectly at home with Chord Electronics’ Red Reference MkII CD player ($25,900), CPA 5000 preamp ($21, 900), and 500Wpc SPM 1400 monoblocks ($32,900/pair). Cables were Van den Hul’s Nova speaker wire ($3,295) and MC Silver Mk III interconnects ($7,268).
Rein played a fun track by a band called Bluezeum- 'funk with a side of blues!' - and the sound was marked by fast, clean transients and big, tight bass."  - Stephen Mejias, Stereophile RMAF Show Report, Oct. 2010
"Probably one of the best rooms."
"Perfect in this room."
"Hearing jazz on this set up gives me the creeps."
"I have never heard a Violin like this."

Hear Chord Electronics/Peak Consult Ultimate System in California May 21-22.

Join Bluebird at one of California's premier high-end dealers, Audio High to see and hear the stunning flagship products from Chord Electronics and Peak Consult. Hear the below system which features: Peak Consult's state-of-the-art Typhoeus loudspeakers, Chord's SPM 14000 Ultimate Mono-blocks and ground-breaking new Red Reference Mk II CD player. This event will also be the North American launch and debut of Chord's brand new CPA 8000 Ultimate Pre-Amplifier. Meet Chord's owner John Franks, Peak Consult's Per Kristoffersen and Jay Rein of Bluebird Music. Friday May 21, 6-9 and Saturday May 22, 11-5. For more information or to RSVP please contact Audio High at 650-964-4000.

Salon Son & Image 2010 Show Report - Montreal, March 2010.

Hear the new flagship of Spendor's new A series speakers - the Spendor A9. These big three way speakers will be driven by Exposure's fantastic new 3010S2 mono-block amplifiers. At $2,595 per pair, these 100 watt mono-blocks offer the best value in high end audio today. Also hear an A/B demonstration of the world's most technically advanced DAC; Chord Electronics' spectacular QBD76 wireless Bluetooth USB DAC. We will have an affordable system, great sound and some very tempting show specials.  Visit Bluebird Music in 1322 and prepare to be blown away!

"I walked into Jay Rein's Bluebird Music room and was immediately taken by the hard-rocking sound of Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick", reproduced with appropriate drama, impact, and scale... the A9 ($7,295/pair) made its North American debut at SSI 2010, and sounded excellent, driven by Exposure's new 3010S2 series: 100W monoblocks ($2,595/pair), preamp ($1,395), and CD player ($2,195)... Van den Hul's D352 speaker cables and D102 interconnects ($929) tied this impressive system together."  - Stephen Mejias, Stereophile SSI 2010 Show Report.

CES 2010 Show Report - Las Vegas, January 2010.

See and hear the latest products from Chord Electronics, Exposure, Spendor and Van den Hul, including: Exposure's new 2010S2 and 3010S2 electronics, Spendor's new award winning A6 speakers and A5 speakers. Chord's spectacular QBD76 DAC will be on active A/B demonstration, all connected with Van den Hul cable. Check out the fabulous new Cyan Click from Chord's new Integrated Digital Lifestyle line and meet factory reps from Chord and Van den Hul.
"as advertised - the A6 sounds very much like one of the original S models on serious steroids. What's hard to put into words is the effortless way in which the A6 combines the engaging naturalism of the original S models with significantly higher levels of resolution, especially through the heart of the midrange. You can hear much deeper into the mix, yet without being pushed toward the analytical end of the sonic spectrum." - Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, CES Show Report, April/May 2010
"The Spendor Exposure system was sounding quite nice – offering some punch, detail and a bigger sound than the price or size of the system would seem to allow. The sound was crisp and clean and seemed neutral yet involving." - Richard Austen, Dagogo, CES Show Report, March 2010

Chord and Magico at Audio Solutions, Indianapolis, IN, November, 2009.

Hear the outstanding 300 watt mono-blocks from Chord Electronics, along with the new Red Standard CD player, which now includes the QBD76 technology, and Magico speakers at Audio Solutions in Indianapolis, IN. Please call Audio Solutions for details at 317-255-4342. 

Spendor and Chord at Audio High, Mt. View, California, October 2009.

Spendor's stunning new flagship ST speakers were making music when driven by Chord Electronics' new high end 3350 integrated amplifier and the truly amazing new QBD76 DAC. The QBD76 offers world leading resolution along with wireless Bluetooth and USB inputs. (See image immediately below).
Also Spendor's new award winning A6 speakers were played in a second system driven by Exposure Electronics, (see the Montreal show report in the second image below for details). Chord's state-of-the-art Red Reference CD player and the stunning 750 watt SPM 6000 mono-block amplifiers were also on demonstration with Spendor's S9e. Please call Audio High for details at 650-964-4000.

Spendor ST Statement Speakers with Chord Electronics

Salon Son & Image Show Report - Montreal, April 2009.

While everyone else seems to be presenting ultra expensive systems, we buck the trend in Montreal and present what we believe to be the ultimate mid-fi system featuring the new Spendor A6 speakers with Exposure 3010S electronics.
The Spendor-Exposure combination benefits from outstanding system synergy. The Spendor A6 offers a fast, detailed, dynamic presentation with excellent transparency and a very natural tonal balance. The Exposure 3010S's delivers a very natural, organic, rhythmic presentation. With twin Burr Brown 1704 mono DACs, Exposure's 3010S CD Player is a surprisingly high resolution source for the money. The 110 watt 3010S Integrated amp provides lots of grunt and drive with excellent control for deep, tight, powerful bass and room filling dynamics. Just what the doctor ordered for the Spendors.
“You get used to hearing expensive over-the-top systems at an audio Show, but the real delight is discovering more affordable set-ups that sound better than you expect. Such was the case when I entered the Bluebird Music room, where the Spendor A6 two-way tower speakers were being demmed with Exposure's $1,795 3010S integrated amplifier and an Exposure CD player. I was struck by how seamless the presentation was, with natural tonal qualities, well-defined stereo imaging, and good dynamics.”
– John Atkinson, Stereophile, Salon Son & Image 2009 Show Report

CES 2009 Show Report - Las Vegas, January 2009.

This year factory representatives from Chord Electronics, Spendor and Van den Hul joined Bluebird Music in the Venetian hotel room 31-231. The featured system included the wonderful Spendor S9e speakers with Chord's awesome new SPM 3350 220 watt integrated amplifier. Adding Chord's stunning new QBD76 as the source and Van den Hul cables created a system which delivered very fine detail and full harmonic information with a truly natural tonal balance, and an effortless presentation with huge dynamics and deep powerful bass.
Spendor's new SA1 speakers were on display, and Spendor dealers were treated to a private demonstration of the new flagship Spendor ST speakers. The speakers are now on the way to dealers. New Van den Hul products on display included the new Nova speaker wire, the new Canary cartridge and the new Wave and Platinum interconnects.

Festival Son & Image Show Report - Montreal, April 2008.

Room 924, below, featured Chord’s new RED Reference CD player. Not content to rest with Stereophile’s 2007 Digital Product of the Year award, Chord has raised the bar again with this stunning new Reference CD player. Also featured was Chord’s brand new intermediate level CPA 3000 pre-amplifier and SPM 1050 power amp. The new SPM 1050 is Chord's first high powered stereo amplifier to retail for less than $8,000.
"you have to see the build and design details of these components in the flesh to fully appreciate them...  and they sound great " - Phil Gold, Enjoy the Music.com
In room 922, below, we presented our “Ultimate Budget System” which has surprised and delighted the press and dealers repeatedly over the past two years. Featuring Exposure’s 2010S electronics, this system provides a magnificent example of how a beautifully matched system can create an incredibly satisfying musical performance for under $5,000. Come hear why the press has raved: "magnificent, superb, killer, blow my mind, budget magic". If you haven’t heard it yet you are in for a real treat - it's worth the trip.

Spurred on by a frenzy of activity on Quebec's audio forums during the show our Ultimate Budget System presentation drew large crowds and the room was packed all weekend. Below are forum, then reviewer comments:
"I almost fell off my chair... what a great sound"

"the Exposure kit was a real inspiration"

"the best/quality/price ratio at the show"

"superb sound for the price"

"if you're in the market for a system at $5,000 Jump on Bluebird's offer"

"an exceptionally fine example of an affordable yet musical system" - Paul Candy, 6Moons

"I listened to my recording of Hyperion Knight playing the three Gershwin Preludes and was impressed by the balance of performance on offer." John Atkinson, Stereophile

Chord Electronics at Harrods.

Visiting England? Stop in at one of the most famous stores in London and see and hear Chord. Harrods are so pleased with Chord they have given us not one but two of their world famous Christmas display windows. The theme for the windows this year is the new James Bond film, Casino Royal.


Festival Son & Image Show Report - Montreal, April 2007.

This year Chord Electronics teamed up with KEF Audio for an impressive reference system featuring Chord's Blu/DAC64, new Reference CPA 5000 pre-amplifier, Reference 750 watt SPM 6000 mono-block amplifiers and KEF's new Reference 205 loudspeakers. Our Montreal dealer Audioville also demonstrated KEF Reference loudspeakers with Chord's Reference SPM 6000 mono-blocks. We are delighted to report these reference systems impressed the judges so much we earned a Visionary Product award from the show.

Above, Chord's DSP 8000 AV processor and SPM 2400 five channel amplifier brought the music home with KEF's KHT5005 home theater speaker system.

Hear Chord's SPM 14000 ultimate mono-blocks in Philadelphia.

Now on demonstration at David Lewis Audio - Philadelphia, PA. Need to drive a difficult load? Have a large listening room? Or, just like it loud and clean? Come hear Chord Electronics' incredible flagship mono amplifier. These monsters double output down to 2 ohms. Power rating? Oh, generally adequate for most needs. To hear them for yourself, call David Lewis Audio at: 215-725-4080.
"The Chord SPM 14000 Ultimate is the finest pure-solid-state amplifier I have auditioned and one of the very finest amplifiers to be found, period."  - Paul Bolin, Stereophile March 2006, Class A Recommended Component.
Chord SPM 14000 Ultimate Mono Amplifier

Stereophile's HE 2007 Show Report - New York, June 2007.

New York was the second in our series of shows with Kef. This time the source was upgraded to Chord's new flagship Red Reference CD Player which offers a giant leap above the terrific Blu/DAC64 combination. With the CPA 5000 Reference pre-amp, 750 watt Reference mono-blocks, Kef speakers and Van den Hul Super Nova speaker wire and MC Silver interconnects this system had visitors suitably impressed. Some cool Martinis provided the ultimate hi-fi tweak. 




"All the products in this room were from Great Britain and provided a beautifully rich and harmonious sound. The Chord reference amplifiers drove the Kef Reference Series 207/2s outstandingly. The sound was open, transparent and dynamic and yet very delicate when necessary/"  - Key Kim, StereoTimes

Chord Introduces new CPA 5000 Reference Pre-Amp.

Chord demonstrated their new CPA 5000 Reference pre-amplifier with the SPM 14000 Reference mono-blocks at the London show this September.

Brack Electronics throws a great party with Chord Electronics and Aston Martin.

Brack Electronics hosted another wonderful evening August 10 at their downtown store.

Special summer fun was provided by Toronto's Grand Touring Automobiles who brought a Bentley Continental, Aston Martin DB9, (right), and the Aston Martin Vanquish.

Chord systems included: Chord's state-of-the-art home theater system, a full pre and power system, and the amazing 'little' system shown below.

Below, the little system that could! You simply won't believe what this fantastic system can do until you hear it. Featuring Chord's 'baby' integrated, the CPM 2600, and B&W's 'baby' N805 speakers, this system is no lightweight. On the contrary, articulate, natural, smooth with incredible bass power - unbelievable bass! Words don't do justice to this magical combination.

Visit Brack, hear this amazing, affordable, high end system and be blown away! Then ask for your personal invitation to the next Aston Martin Chord event.

Stereophile's HE 2006 Show Report - Los Angeles, June 2006.

Bluebird was out to prove something in Los Angeles, in the main room:

With our larger system, below, we were out to prove that Chord Electronics makes some of the best sound and offers some of best value in the world.  This system was comprised of Chord's Blu transport, DAC 64, CPA 4000 per-amp, SPM 1400 480 watt mono-blocks and Neat Ultimatum MF7 loudspeakers.

Chord and Neat Ultimatum.


HE 2006 Show Reports from main room:

"You like ultra exotic toys. Check out Chord! The Blu transport and DAC, CPA 4000 preamp and SPM 1400 amp are the ultimate in industrial design. Powering a pair of British speakers, the sound was room filling beautiful". – Robert Levi, Positive Feedback
"Neat speakers paired with Chord for a Brit invasion. System was really musical and nice. The bass was tight, tight, tight and little of that ‘digital haze’ I mentioned before. Seriously, why haven't we heard more of these guys? They don’t do the Wilson hi-fi sound, so there will be a whole group of people who will really like these chaps." – Josh Ray, Sonic Flare
"NEAT speakers were being demo'ed with Chord equipment and that proved to be a fine combination. NEAT are from the good ol' UK and have a very pleasing sound quality… their sound signature was bold, dynamic, and open. Particularly the big top of the line model retailing for $15k was well, er… neat! The Chord stuff always looks stunning; I can totally see how they would be selling these systems like hot potatoes." – Danny Kaey, Positive Feedback


What are those colorful banners on the LA curtain above?


The colorful banners in the photo above, were decorations at the 2006 Toronto Children's Chorus (TCC) annual fund-raising dinner. These beautiful hand painted banners, signed by the children in the TCC's five choirs, were auctioned off at the end of the evening. We love to support the TCC, we knew they would be perfect for our shows, so we just had to have them, and now we do, (sound familiar?).
For 27 years the TCC has been dedicated to providing life enhancing experiences for children through the study and performance of the choral art. The TCC regularly performs on the world's grandest stages including: Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Royal Albert Hall and Toronto's Roy Thompson Hall. The TCC  performed on EMI's recording of Mahler 8th Symphony, released in 2005 and voted one of the top three recordings of the year by Grammophone Magazine. To learn more about this wonderful opportunity for children visit www.torontochildrenschorus.com


Chord Blu/DAC64 and 480 watt mono-blocks.

In the smaller room:

At Bluebird Music we love the very best sound but we also believe everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of making an emotional connection to music. That's why we've spent the past six years searching for a system that truly every music lover could afford but that was also good enough to deliver that real "I'm-in-the-music" feeling.
Finally, we have it, and in our smaller room, below, was another showing of our "Ultimate Budget System", featuring the Exposure 2010S CD player and integrated amplifier and a pair of small British loudspeakers. This sweet little system, which retails for $5,000, (including cables), had visitors' jaws dropping and toes tapping. With surprising musicality and rich in emotional nuances it was ear-to-ear smiles all around in this room. This system had visitors stunned with the performance for the dollar and proved great sound can be affordable.


HE 2006 Show Reports from smaller room:

"Bluebird's sweet, neat little package breezes in under $5,000 and offered a truly enjoyable and musical experience." - Stephen Mejias, Stereophile.
"Rein then proceeded to blow my mind with budget magic… the system's evenly balanced, full-range sound blew me away. Now I understand why Stereophile has heaped praise on Exposure Electronics."  - Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile.
"This system sounded simply wonderful. And people think I only like mega-size, mega-buck equipment."  - Paul Bolin, Stereophile.
"…this one was KILLER for what it was... small and affordable and it made music... big music too!" - Dave Clark, Positive Feedback
"…played music with a level of realism and authority totally out of line with the low price of the system. If I gave out show awards, this would easily have won for 'Best Sound Relative to Price.'  It actually sounded much better than many of the way more expensive systems on display in other rooms. That they were playing AC/DC's Back in Black when we walked in their room said something about their confidence in the system's ability to play music!"  - Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feedback

Festival Son & Image Show Report - Montreal, March 2006.

Bluebird Music out to prove world-class sound can be affordable in Montreal.

Pictured below is the Chord Electronics CPM 3330 integrated amplifier, one of the best values in high performance audio amplifiers, the Chord One cd player, Ultimatum loudspeakers, connected with Chord Company Anthem interconnects and Signature speaker wire. The stand is Quadraspire's stunning new acrylic reference table. This system is ultimately the most affordable way to enjoy the real world-class sound a Chord system can produce.

Chord Aspire at Oakville Audio

This is your chance to hear Chord's full blown, high end, Choral system, (pictured below). From the top down, the system includes the Blu transport, DAC64, Prima pre-amp and a pair of 200 watt mono-block amplifiers. This system may be physically small, but it delivers 100% of the performance of Chord's mid-line, high power separates.

CES 2006 Show Report - Las Vegas, January 2006.

Nothing fancy this year, just one of the most affordable, best sounding systems at the show.

"...distributor Bluebird Music had them hooked up to Chord Electronics driving superb Neat monitors. The Ultimatums ($6995, incl. stands) were detailed, had lots of bass, gave the great soundstage we expect from fine monitors, but also threw large and realistic images, the downfall of some small speakers. The expensive Chord Blu CD Transport and DAC 64 looked as good as they sounded."  - Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia CES 2006 Show Report
"... and the some of the world's best amplification didn't hurt either." - Jay Rein, Bluebird Music.

Stereophile's HE 2005 Show Report - New York City, April 2005.

Chord joins the Sgt. Pepper Band

Chord Electronics' Blu CD transport, DAC64, and our favorite traveling companions - the CPA 4000 pre-amplifier and SPM 4000, 480 watt stereo amplifier, team up with Sgt. Pepper for a mind-blowing trip down memory lane.
"The colorful speakers drew me to the room, but the sound compelled me to stay. This system did a very nice job playing Jack Johnson. The music and sound was toe-tapping good stuff, and I had to pry myself out of the chair to let others listen."  - Positive Feedback, HE 2005 Show Report

Sgt. Pepper meets Chord in New York, 2005.

Festival Son & Image Show Report - Montreal, March 2005

'Real Music' delights as Exposure raises the bar for affordable high-end.

Armed with an assortment of piano sonatas this year Bluebird Music put on their usual, impressive 'real music' demonstration. Exposure's Classic series electronics easily provided the "soul with control" Exposure is starting to become well known for.
"Standout Room – Festival Son & Image 2005...
This system, built around some well-known British speakers and electronics, had a sweet, energetic sound with generous bass." - Doug Schneider, Soundstage FSI 2005 Show Report

Of course, we are rarely content to let well enough alone - so the fantastic Chord Symphonic phono stage was added like a fine wine might be added to a great steak dinner.
Pictured below is a Chord Electronics three-box Chord Choral series. This Choral series features the 'One' (one-box) CD player, Prima pre-amp, and Mezzo 120 watt stereo power amplifier. Never mind how good the Choral system looks - it's still about the sound, and we warn you - if you hear one you will need one! The ultimate bedroom system?

Below Montreal dealer Audioville put on an awesome demonstration. The incredible 750 watt Chord SPM 6000 mono-blocks, Blu/DAC64 cd replay system and some highly regarded valve pre-amp were, quite realistically, recreating the vitality, energy and excitement of a live, club listening experience. This system is on permanent demonstration at Audioville. Visit the great staff at one of Montreal's leading stores, 972 boul. St-Laurent, or call them at 514-861-8050.

CES 2005 Show Report - Las Vegas, January 2005.

The Chord Electronics room was once again making a big impression at Alexis Park at January's CES in Las Vegas. The highlight of this room was the new Chord Electronics' SPM 14000 Ultimate mono amplifiers. The SPM 14000 is finest amplifier Chord has ever built. It utilizes Chord's latest generation 12kW-capable power supply, this amplifier has massive, effortless reserves of energy and incredibly low distortion.

Above, California Chord Electronics dealer Michael Silver, of Audio High, poses with Chord's new SPM14000 maxi-watt monoblock amplifiers. If you want authentic scale and the live feeling this is the system! (Dealer not included.)


Rocky Mountain AudioFest Show Report - Denver,  October 8 - 10, 2004.

Croft Twinstar amp with Chord Blu/DAC and Living Voice OBX-R2
"Bluebird Music brought in the OBX-R2, the Chord DAC 64 and Blu transport, and Croft preamplification to produce one of my favorite sounds. I have always enjoyed the sound that Jay Rein of Bluebird puts together at any show, and this was one killer system."
 – Dave Clark, Positive Feedback
"Another system that provided exquisite sound was displayed by Bluebird Music’s Jay Rein."
 – Ultra Sound, RMAF 2004 Show Report

Stereophile's HE 2004 Show Report - New York City, May 2004

In the Chord Electronics room:

John Franks, chief designer and managing director of Chord Electronics, presented Chord's newest product, the stunning, ultra-high resolution CD transport, "Blu" with the Choral Series driving Living Voice OBX-R2 loudspeakers. 

Chord Choral series and Living Voice OBXR2 in New York.

"Chord Electronics produced one of my favorite sounds at the show... an intensely sweet and musically engaging sound that was a welcome respite from the many mediocre demos." 
 - R. Harley, The Absolute Sound
"Sometimes, you can walk by a room and the sound coming out is so lifelike that it pulls you in. That happened a few times, and this was one of those rooms."   
 - Crutchfield Advisor, May 2004

In the Exposure room:

Living Voice Avatar 2 and Exposure Classic in New York.

"Speaking of musical energy at a fair price point, this room held a bountiful of treats to my ears, driven  by several components from Exposure Electronics of England. This combination got to the rhythm of the music in a hurry in precise and dynamic fashion, with an accurate low midrange and bass extension that was quite impressive to my ears. The Exposure electronics were remarkably quiet, yet held tremendous power and pace in driving the Avatars. Once again, keep your eyes and ears on these English products, as they march forth with what I perceive to be excellent audiophile value and built quality, judging from this brief introduction."   - Stereo Times, HE 2004 Show ReportNeat Ultimatum MF7 and Chord 1400E mono-blocks in Montreal.

Festival Son & Image - Montreal, April 2004

Meet John Franks, chief designer and managing director of Chord Electronics, and hear Chord's newest product, the stunning, ultra-high resolution CD transport, "Blu".
The Blu was designed to take full advantage of Chord's 64 bit digital to analogue converter, DAC64. Amplification will be Chord's flagship CPA 4000 pre-amplifier with the awesome SPM 1400E 500 watt mono-block amplifiers.