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Exposure Reviews

2010S Series

Art Dudley Reviews 2010S in Stereophile...
... Exposure wins Stereophile Class A Recommended Component rating.

"This is a positively magnificent little amp. Its tunefulness and timing are beyond reproach, and, among other things, it's probably one of the most transparent amplification products I've ever heard at any price.
The Exposure 2010S is a terrific amp, and a bargain on the order of the Rega tonearm and Spendor's entry-level speakers. I know and like a lot of the folks whose products compete directly with the Exposure 2010S but they're going to have to work harder than hell to beat this thing.
What did surprise me was my own reaction: Every time I sat down to listen with the Exposure 2010S in my system, it pulled me in and made me smile; every time I tried to play it while I was doing something else, it made me sit down."

2010S CD Player - Best Buy

"Chalk up another hit for Exposure. After the success of the 2010S integrated amp in HFC 262, this matching CD spinner had a lot to live up to and - lo and behold - it did. It offers good imaging with some of the best depth we've heard around this price, very sweet treble and an extremely even-handed midrange... completely at home with everything from solo piano to glam rock to jazz ballads. It's an engaging Best Buy." - Hi-Fi Choice, Best Buy

2010S CD Player

"The first thing that struck me when I slipped the CD player into my reference system was the naturalness of the presentation... vocal had a wonderful combination of smoothness and clarity... tonal balance was spot on right across the frequency range... the expected punch was present in spades. I was impressed how the 2010S CD felt at home with such diverse material. The key was the player's neutral performance. It doesn't shout about any one particular attribute, but this allows it to be a bit of a sonic chameleon... the player was totally devoid of any digital harshness, which allowed extended listening sessions with absolutely no listener fatigue. Highly recommended." - Hi-Fi News

2010S Amplifier and Integrated Bi-amp System - Best Buy

"The basic sound is not dissimilar to the 2010S integrated. In case you missed it, we found it punchy, rhythmic and tonally well-balanced, with a very open and natural treble, offering excellent dynamics and fine imaging. Above all, it was considered very musical and communicative, really drawing the listener into a performance. Measurements confirmed that its basic electrical performance is of a high standard, and its manners are good.
The 2010S power amp is slightly cleaner than the integrated, which figures given there's less in the way, (there's no volume control, source selector, buffer stage). That means on its own it's a stonkingly fine power amp at a price where there's very little competition. If you're after a 'starter' pre/power system we would have some trouble suggesting a better place to start.
Now, add the power amp to the integrated to form a bi-amp system and things really get interesting. After a track or three the penny begins to drop that there is a significant amount more musical information coming across. Images that before seemed clear enough are now even more clean and considerably more concrete and stable. Instrumental timbres are more naturally preserved, and inflections more meaningful. As upgrades go, it's a goody.
So, is this a sane upgrade? We'd have to say absolutely. So strong is the performance of this pair at a still-modest total [price] that we would urge you to try it. The combined price is still less than some integrated models of similar spec, and the result is very fine with a real lift over the good performance of each alone." - Hi-Fi Choice, Best Buy

3010S Series

3010S CD and Integrated

"Exposure's 'Proudly Made in England by Music Lovers' tagline isn't just marketing BS. It's clear that the people behind these products know what music sounds like and are able to design components that bring music's emotional and intellectual power alive in a way that makes both standouts in their price class. The 3010S CD player and integrated amplifier make listening to music so intensely involving that it borders on an addiction." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, April/May 2008. (See link to full review on 3010S Series page.)

3010S CD and Integrated

"The electronics have a really musical gait to them which digs deep into the recording and lets the flavour flood out. I loved its ease of use, directness and overall musicality. Flare-flapping bass, a detailed and well lit midband and crisp, spry treble were all on offer, an enjoyable listen!" - HiFi World, February 2009.

3010S CD

"A highly articulate CD player, Exposure's 3010S possesses impressive breadth and depth, and good air and detail... a musically natural presentation capable of reproducing bloom, complex harmonics, excellent rhythmic pace, and deep, authoritative bass that's always easy and effortless sounding.
- TAS 2008 Editors' Choice Award Winner.

3010S Integrated

"The Exposure took to the Quads like a duck to water. The combination sounded wonderful in all the ways I expected - clarity, immediacy, presence, lack of obvious colorations... and sounded surprisingly big for such a relatively inexpensive solid-state product. More important, the amp followed the music with a good sense of flow, and preserved a lot of the touch and humanness. This newer one is very good." - Art Dudley, Stereophile, June 2008.