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Why Jadis?

Introducing Jadis

The ultimate handcrafted tube amplifier.

Jadis was founded in 1983 with a profound passion for making audio equipment which would faithfully reproduce the emotion of a live performance. Driven by this passion Jadis committed to it's own state-of-the-art research and development program. This led to a very unique design philosophy and the development of the incredible Jadis output transformers.

Jadis output transformers are made entirely within the Jadis factory in Villedubert, France. They are hand wound then poured into a special resin which guarantees extremely low noise operation and thermal stability. Jadis output transformers are known to be indestructible in service and give their amplifiers absolute stability regardless of the load. The specifications are extraordinary; in fact the maximum acceptable power is 2500 Watts before saturation! Therefore Jadis amplification is ideal for almost all acoustic speakers regardless of impedance, type of design, or efficiency.

Only Jadis delivers this kind of performance. As a result Jadis amplifiers have tremendous dynamics across the entire frequency range with a total lack of coloration.
Jadis inside. Click for larger image.Jadis electronics are no-compromise instruments hand-built one at a time. They feature all point-to-point wiring and the very best components and materials available. Most Jadis amplifiers operate in pure class-A.

Jadis offers a broad range of products including: integrated amplifiers, preamps, power amps, phono stages, cd players, cd transports and DACs. Jadis integrateds start at $4,995. Jadis preamps start at $6,500 and mono-blocks start at only $6,500 per pair!

Improvements in Today's Jadis

Although Jadis does not change their model numbers often, there have many very substantial improvements made to Jadis products recently. The model names sound familiar but Jadis is now on MkII, MkIII and even MkIV versions on some of their longest standing models. The model versions are indicated on the name plate on the back of all Jadis units.

The latest Jadis models feature improved power and output transformers. The magnetic circuit, copper wire, insulation and manufacturing techniques of the transformers have been improved. The copper wire has been upgraded to a higher purity wire. A new resin coating treatment reduces the noise floor, while upgraded circuitry and improved filtering of high voltage result in more pure current.

In pre-amps internal wiring has been upgraded to a higher quality silver cable and there is more use of silver wire throughout. MC phono stages have been upgraded with higher quality caps and components. Chassis have been upgraded to surgical quality stainless steel and internal components such as diode bridge and capacitors have also been improved. A new treatment of the gold faceplates ensures that your new Jadis will look beautiful for many years to come.

As a result of Jadis' passion for continuous improvement, the latest generation of Jadis products offer significantly higher performance and reliability than ever before.