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Van den Hul cables are made at their factory in Europe utilizing many demanding, proprietary manufacturing techniques perfected over the past 30 years. For example, VDH’s patented Linear Structured Carbon® (LSC), unique Hulliflex®, and proper construction and termination techniques result in cables which offer: very high purity, very high mechanical integrity, very high consistency of product batch to batch, excellent fit and finish, very long life and outstanding value. Van den Hul The Name stereo interconnect cable
VDH cables are known for their extremely natural tonal balance, outstanding mid-range clarity, deep taut bass, and smooth accurate highs which are never harsh or metallic. VDH’s unique materials and construction techniques completely protect their cables from the environmental influences which degrade the sonic performance of most other cables after only a few months of use. Finally, all VDH products are very environmentally friendly. VDH cables are Halogen free and carry Europe’s prestigious Green Care certification. All packaging is environmentally friendly as well.

The Name

The Name is the most affordable cable VDH can make while still retaining the features and high quality you expect from Van den Hul. This coaxial interconnect features a double screen and solid core. The core and screen are dense silver coated oxygen free copper (OFC). The Name's 75 ohm impedance makes it an ideal starter cable which can be used in many different applications. Available with RCA connectors only.
"The star of the show was undoubtedly the Van den Hul The Name. It brought a satisfying level of sophistication to the sound of the system and didn't seem out of place when briefly tried against cables up to three times its price. It is a well thought out and made product that offers very good performance, and therefore, value for money. Buy with confidence."
- HiFi News, September 2005.

D-102 Mk III Hybrid

Few products have received as many accolades as has Van den Hul's flagship midrange interconnect the D-102 Mk III. The D-102 features a triple hybrid with very heavy shielding. An LSC layer on each conductor facilitates improved signal transfer. The two center conductors are made of 40 dense and very pure silver coated strands on a very high grade matched crystal OFC. The triple shield consists of two helical layers with a total of 180 dense and very pure silver coated strands. With low capacitance this cable produces very low overall losses and/or phase shift even in high impedence circuitry. The D-102 proves the superiority of Van den Hul's LSC technology as this affordable cable delivers a surprisingly uncolored natural mid range, sweet detailed treble and extended and controlled bass. Highly recommended. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.

The Valley - 3T

The Valley is the entry level 3T interconnect. It is a twisted pair balanced cable with two 21 strand conductors and a double braided shield. Retail price is $395 for a .8m interconnect with either RCA or XLR connectors.

The Rock Hybrid - 3T

The Rock Hybrid is a twisted pair balanced interconnect featuring two solid .40mm conductor cores each with 11 thinner strands around it. This construction minimizes inductance to the lowest possible value. VDH’s patented Linear Structured Carbon (LSC) further perfects the cable, and a high level of shielding is provided by a dense double braided shield. Retail price is $695 for a .8m interconnect with either RCA or XLR connectors.

The Hill Hybrid - 3T

The Hill Hybrid, the next step up from The Rock, is a twisted pair balanced interconnect featuring two solid .50mm conductor cores each with 20 thinner strands around it. It includes VDH’s LSC coating and a dense double braided shield. Retail price is $995 for a .8m interconnect with either RCA or XLR connectors.

The Mountain Hybrid - 3T

The Mountain Hybrid is the ‘top of the hill’ 3T balanced interconnect featuring no fewer than two .80mm solid core conductors. A thick LSC coating around the conductors, double screening and a dense Hulliflex jacket make this 11.3mm cable a must-have for serious audio enthusiasts. Once connected you will never want to change to any other cable. The Mountain offers True Transmission Technology at its best. Retail price is $1,495 for a .8m interconnect with either RCA or XLR connectors.

MC Silver Series

The MC Silver series are the finest all metal cables Van den Hul has ever made. These no-compromise high purity silver cables are designed to extract the very last musical nuance from the highest performance components.
The MC Silver cables all feature 19 extremely high grade matched crystal extruded OFC strands each having a very thick and dense ultra high purity silver coating. These cables are almost pure silver, however a very small amount of high purity copper gives much needed added strength ensuring better use-ability, durability and longer life. Internal insulation includes multiple layers of Teflon.
Each cable in the group contains a double shield, one of which is a braid consisting of the same dense silver on copper configuration as the conductors, and the other being a wound very pure silver ribbon providing an almost perfectly closed screen. All production handling is done with extreme care to maintain a very constant characteristic impedance along the entire cable to prevent signal reflections even up to very high frequencies.
Finally, each cable receives a special Hulliflex EHD outer jacket. This extra high density version of Hulliflex is the toughest, most rugged and hardwearing cable jacket available. Its ultra dense consistency and smooth surface provide the best possible protection for the precious metal inside. Hulliflex EHD ensures the cable's overall integrity and very long life by protecting the cable from chemical corrosive attack from the outside environment, and from over bending, pinching and mechanical wear and tear. This is very important in an ultra high performance interconnect.
Van den Hul MC Silver Mk II stereo interconnect cable
MC Silver cables are available in four configurations: MC Silver IT 65 G, MC Silver IT Mk II Balanced, MC Silver IT Mk II Coaxial, and the latest MC Silver IT Mk III Balanced.
The MC Silver IT 65 G is a slimline version the MC Silver Mk II Coax interconnect. The 65 G still delivers many of the superior audio properties of the bigger Mk II versions, but it was designed for music lovers who want the best sound possible at a more affordable price.
Although the MC Silver cables have a particularly clean and extremely dynamic sound the usual audio adjectives just don't do justice to the performance. These are fantastic sounding cables you simply have to hear. The 65 G and Coax versions are available with RCA connectors only and the Balanced version is available with either.

MC Silver IT Mk III Balanced

The MC Silver Mk III Balanced is Van den Hul's very best interconnect. The Mk III version utilizes VDH's latest technical insights and most sophisticated material and design enhancements. This interconnect is made with the world's highest grade of matched crystal OFC with a very thick mechanically applied layer of the purest silver. Further adding to its stunning dynamics and vivid clarity, the MC Silver IT Mk III Balanced employs extremely low loss Teflon for internal insulation. This purest form of Teflon is normally only used in the most advanced audio grade capacitors. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.
"This flexible cable does a phenomenal job of resolving the last degree of musical detail. Unlike other supposedly high-end cables, the treble is very well extended and totally clean... MC Silver IT Mk III produces totally realistic and palpable tonal rendering... The cable also has a strange ability to make other interconnects sound 'loud' or distorted, presumably by virtue of an extremely clean, neutral balance and high transparency. This lets through both the fine detail that gives each note realism and the energy that enlivens the music overall. Van den Hul's MC Silver IT Mk III is in a class of its own and it delivers the goods." 
 - Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi Choice, January 2007, Editor's Choice award winner.
Van den Hul MC Silver Mk III XLR Stereo interconnect cable