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Exposure 3010S2 Series

The Competition just got tougher
- again.

Exposure 3010S2 series
The 3010S2 series is situated between Exposure’s entry level 2010S2 series and the very high performance MCX series. The 3010S2 incorporates a number of circuit and design features which have trickled down from the high performance MCX, thus the 3010S2 strikes the perfect balance between high performance and affordability.

The 3010S also strikes the perfect balance between the usual trade offs in hi-fi. For example the 3010S2 offers high resolution but with a very natural tonal balance, high power but with excellent transparency, and rhythm pace and timing but with a rich natural mid-range. If you are looking for the best all-round musicality and the ‘best bang for the buck’ ask your dealer to arrange an Exposure 3010S2 demo today.
"Exposure's 'Proudly Made in England by Music Lovers' tagline isn't just marketing BS. It's clear that the people behind these products know what music sounds like and are able to design components that bring music's emotional and intellectual power alive in a way that makes both standouts in their price class. The 3010S CD player and integrated amplifier make listening to music so intensely involving that it borders on an addiction."
- Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, April/May 2008.