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Exposure MCX Series

Music Lovers Prepare to be Thrilled and Wowed!

For thirty years Exposure has been delivering electronics that substantially out-perform their modest price tags and the stunning new MCX system is no exception. If you relish an emotional listening experience, the MCX system is engineered for you. The emphasis is on the realism and musicality, as defined by exceptional fluidity, finesse and control. This is Exposure's highest definition yet of a 21st Century high-end hi-fidelity system.

The MCX range utilizes the best available components and takes them to the ultimate level of refinement with specialized custom build techniques then encloses them in luxurious premium metal casework. The result - a sonic and build quality you could only obtain from a hands-on firm passionate about recreating great music.
"The MCX is truly one of the finest complete systems I have ever had the pleasure of auditioning. The CD player is the sort of unit that shows even the most fanatical vinyl nut like myself that the little silver disc can deliver the goods, and the amplifiers can drive absolutely anything with ease and the sort of grace and pace that usually accompanies the word "Bentley'. A landmark product from Exposure, the MCX is one of the finest one-make systems available at any price."   - Five Globe Award, Hi-Fi World, October 2008
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