Chord Electronics

A World Leader in High-End Audio.

England’s Chord Electronics is an engineering firm with a passion to make the world’s best sounding audio products. Chord has developed many highly innovative proprietary technologies which simply cannot be copied. When the very best components available limit performance Chord engineers design their own, thus leading the state-of-the-art. Chord Electronics’ amplifiers deliver the subtlety and musicality of the finest tube designs with the punch and accuracy of the world’s best solid state. 

A World Leader in Pro Audio

A World Leader in Pro Audio

Professional users of power amplification demand accuracy, neutrality and perfect timbre-matched tonality. That’s why  Chord is the choice for the sound professionals at Skywalker Sound, BBC, Abbey Road, Sony NY, Decca, Quad, Dolby Labs, Toshiba-EMI Japan, MCA Studios, CBC, Ray Charles Productions, Air Studios, The Royal Opera House London, Herbie Hancock, Deutsche Grammophon and many more.

Chord Products

Chord offers a broad range of high-end amplification and digital conversion products including: CD players, digital to analog converters, music streamers, integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, stereo power amplifiers, mono power amplifiers, five channel amplifiers, an MC phono stage and the high-performance “lifestyle” Choral and Chordette product ranges.

Chord Electronics is a small company comprised of highly skilled engineers who are passionate about great music. Every Chord product is handcrafted in England by people dedicated to making the very best possible.

WARNING: if you hear one you will need one.