Introducing Quadraspire

High Performance Audio and AV Equipment Stands.


Quadraspire is a line of high performance audio and AV equipment stands, that doesn’t sacrifice style for sound performance. Quadraspire uses the best materials, such as non-ferrous solid aluminum columns, to reduce resonance and noise.

Quadraspire is a highly successful British company. Their audio furniture really will make your audio systems sound better, and not just a little - but a lot better! Here is a typical reviewer’s comment:

The Q4 provided a very neutral sound. Unlike many supports, the Q4 seemed to emphasize no part of the frequency spectrum unduly. Bass was full-blooded and articulate, the midrange clear and balanced, while treble information was projected cleanly in an orderly fashion.

Best Buy, Hi-Fi Choice.

With its stylish, contemporary design and choice of rich real wood veneers, Quadraspire equipment racks are truly beautiful furniture which actually enhance the look of any nice room. Chamfered shelves make the stands look smaller and lighter than they really are.

Quadraspire furniture is modular. You can custom design racks to the size of your customer’s equipment. Assembly is extremely fast and easy, a rack can be assembled in ten minutes! Because of the modular design you can order an additional shelf, with any height column, at any time. And, stocking is easier, delivery is faster and shipping is cheaper.

Quadraspire Sunoko Vent and Bamboo Tables

Click to download PDF.For those seeking a higher performance table Quadraspire's new Sunoko Vent and Bamboo tables are just what the doctor ordered. These tables offer an exceptionally high level of performance for a very reasonable price. Click the image at right to download the Quadraspire Bamboo / Sunoko Vent PDF.

Quadraspire equipment looks much better in the flesh than in the photos. But don’t to take our word for it. Contact Bluebird to find your closest Quadraspire dealer, or click the Quadraspire logo below to visit the Quadraspire web site and access their very interesting automated Product Builder. 

Bluebird distributes Quadraspire in Canada only.