Chord Electronics Winter Sales Promotion

Fri, 04 Jan 2019

Save $1500 on the DAVE or $1,500 on the Blu or $3,000 on both.*

Buffalo, NY, Friday January 4, 2019 --  Bluebird Music today announced a significant new Winter sales promotion on the Chord Electronics DAVE DAC and Blu MkII Upscaler with CD transport. US Customers may purchase either unit separately and save $1,500 or purchase both and save $3,000. Click Find A Dealer above and we'll be pleased to refer you to your closest authorized Chord Electronics dealer.

Chord Electronics Blu and DAVE DAC

Pictured above Blu MkII and DAVE DAC in optional two-high Ensemble stand.
"Even if I hadn't auditioned Chord's DAVE, I would have been impressed by this DAC. Its measured performance is beyond reproach. It's superb re-creation of soundstage depth, its sense of musical drive, and the clarity with which it presented recorded detail were addictive. You must listen to the DAVE for yourself."
John Atkinson, June 2017, Stereophile Class A+ Recommended Component

The DAVE offers best-in-class digital to analog conversion with an astonishing 30X better low-noise performance, (with no measurable noise floor modulation), and 300X better distortion figures than the best available DAC chips.

With its USB input, highly advanced proprietary filtering and incredible 16 times upscaling capability, the Blu MkII takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities within the DAVE and brings your music files and CDs to life like no other source component can.

Click here to read about DAVE.

Click here to read about Blu MkII.

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* Savings in US Dollars off suggested retail prices. Offer expires March 21, 2019.
   Promotional sale price for DAVE is $10,988 US or $14,295 Canadian, and for Blu MkII is $10,288 US or $13,295 Canadian.


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