Bluebird Music Announces New SME Model 60


The Model 60 flagship turntable, introduced 60 years after SME entered the elite high end audio market is far superior than the highly credible Model 30 which has been the reference precision turntable for over 3 decades.

The new flagship is an entirely new turntable design with clever engineering and technological advancement, but importantly retaining key SME audio engineering principles.

The Model 60 specification includes: de-coupled fee with multipoint isolation, an intelligent suspended suspension system with horizontal and vertical control, hydraulically dampened main bearing, acoustically treated main chassis, sub-chassis and platter, new generation drive system with independent transformer and sophisticated speed control unit.

In addition the legendary SME Series V tonearm has been extensively sonically improved by use of a non-metallic tonearm tube made from an advanced polymer resin material with high density high rigidity properties and importantly acoustically inert. With a low effective mass and significantly reduced resonance signature the Series V tonearm has been redefined as the Series VA (advance).

The Model 60 is the most technically advanced SME turntable ever made with extremely high build quality, close tolerance precision engineered componentry, striking design and a range of no-painted unique finishes of Brushed Metal (Black & Silver Anodized), Machined Honeycomb (Black, Blue & Silver Anodized) and Diamond Finish (Bare Metal Hand Polished).

Launched in the famous music room of the late Alastair Robertson-Aikman, which is a tribute to the past and demonstration of the future, highlighting the significance of the worlds new reference standard turntable.

US retail prices are $71,900 for the standard black or silver finish, both shown above; $78,900 for the premium honeycomb finish, shown in blue above; and $85,900 for the stunning diamond finish.

Bluebird Music will be stocking the Model 60 in the standard black finish, all other finishes available to order.

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SME Model 60 Turntable Standard Black Finish   SME Model 60 Turntable Standard Silver Finish   SME Model 60 Turntable Premium Blue Honeycomb Finish   SME Model 60 Turntable Diamond Finish

The new standard by which all high-end turntables should be judged, regardless of price.
Adam Smith, Hi-Fi News, July 2022, Outstanding Product Award

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