SME M2 Series Tonearms Now Available


Bluebird Music, North American distributor for SME is pleased to announce SME M2 Series tonearms are now available for sale. Previously SME tonearms were only available with SME turntables.

M2 Series tonearms are precision instruments that feature well-tried SME principles and the design and engineering excellence for which SME is renowned worldwide. By providing a superior platform for your favorite phono cartridges M2 tonearms contribute to a more authentic, sparkling and uncolored musical performance.

The M2 Series includes four different models: M2-9, M2-9R, M2-12 and M2-12R.

All four M2 tonearms offer meticulous build quality at a reasonable cost and all the most important features including: lightweight stainless steel armtube, detachable headshell with azimuth adjustment, tungsten balance weight, finest quality ball race gimbled bearings and a level of stiffness and rigidity to suit all types of cartridges including those of medium and low compliance.

The M2-9 and M2-12 tonearms utilize a unique single element balance system that accommodates cartridges weighing 5 to 12 grams. After balancing, tracking force is applied by forward movement of the weight ensuring the lowest system inertia. The weight moves on a precision screw thread with backlash eliminator allowing exact setting of vertical tracking force. The precision headshell is pressure die-cast in magnesium for lightness and rigidity. A unique collet clamp design allows for ‘one-piece’ rigidity and azimuth adjustment.

Two “R” version are also offered. In addition to their classic good looks, the M2-9R and M2-12R tonearms deliver all the performance of traditional ‘J’ shaped tonearms and feature detachable aluminum headshells with azimuth adjustment, a two stage tungsten counterbalance system with the tungsten balance weights housed in satin chromed brass sleeves, and vertical and horizontal tracking adjustment. Height is adjusted by thumb wheel enabling the arms to be used with a wide range of both cartridges and turntables. The unique HTA design base mount and standardized headshell collet J-Shaped armtubes make the “R” versions an optimal match for vintage-style SPU phono cartridges.

US retail prices are: M2-9 $3,395, M2-9R $4,295, M2-12 $3,695 and M2-12R $4,695.
(Canadian prices are: $4,395, $5,595, $4,795 and $6,095 respectively.)

The 9” M2 Series tonearms are in stock at Bluebird Music and the 12” variations are available by special order.

Above: M2-9 tonearm. Click picture for larger image.
Below: M2-12R tonearm.


SME MK2 Turntables in Stock in USA and Canada