Spendor D9 to make US Debut at Rocky Mountain AudioFest

Wed, 28 Sep 2016

The new Spendor D9 is the latest addition to Spendor's high-end D Line loudspeakers. More than just a bigger D7, the D9 is an elegant, modern, 3-way loudspeaker which delivers music with exceptional resolution and a vibrant realism with any genre. It's easy to drive and highly efficient.


Spendor LPZ (Linear Pressure Zone) Tweeter

Spendor’s custom LPZ tweeter is built around a stainless steel front plate which forms a damped acoustic chamber directly in front of a lightweight woven soft-dome fabric diaphragm. The front plate incorporates a phase correcting micro foil to equalize sound wave path lengths across the diaphragm surface, simultaneously it generates a symmetrical pressure environment on both faces of the tweeter diaphragm so the tweeter operates in a balanced linear mode.  This results in the ideal linear acoustic output over a wide frequency range. 

New Drive Units Developed For D9

Mid-bass is handled by one 7” drive unit featuring Spendor’s advanced EP77 polymer cone. Housed in an isolated enclosure at the top of the cabinet, it handles only mid-range frequencies which eliminates mid-low frequency intermodulation. It delivers music with superb clarity and vanishingly low coloration. 

Two 7” low frequency drivers have ultra-rigid, two part bonded, lightweight Kevlar composite cone assemblies. The drivers are in a large dedicated low-frequency acoustic enclosure. The D9 delivers accurate powerful bass without distortion or compression.

All three drivers feature cast magnesium alloy chassis, high efficiency motor systems, optimized electro-dynamic damping, and excellent thermal dissipation for wide dynamic range. New polymer surrounds with very stable molecular composition reduce driver ‘break-in’ time significantly. 

New Fifth Generation Spendor Linear Flow Port

The D9 incorporates Spendor’s Linear flow port technology. Inspired by Formula 1 diffuser technology, it offers significant advantages over any conventional port or transmission line loading. An aerodynamically profiled central baffle creates a tapered twin-venturi port. A carefully optimized combination of bass driver electrical and mechanical parameters, enclosure volume, air flow and wide-band (very low-Q, very low phase shift) port tuning allows the D9 to deliver deep, fast, articulate bass in a way no conventional loudspeaker can challenge. 

Unconstrained Internal Airflow

Inside the D9, the sound path, from the bass drivers to the listening room is unrestricted, there is no low frequency damping. As a result the Spendor D9 is entirely free from damping material energy storage effects, the advantage is clearly audible, music sounds naturally fast, agile and coherent.

Spendor Dynamic Cabinet Damping

Timing is fundamental to the musical experience. In conventional loudspeakers rigid high density cabinet panels are mass-damped to reduce cabinet-talk but result in unacceptable blurring and slowing of the sound. Spendor employs a unique internal bracing design utilizing asymmetric aperture bracing of the cabinet to disperse internal waves. Dynamic Damping with small low mass constrained polymer dampers at key energy interface points instantly convert any spurious energy in the cabinet structure into inaudible heat. The result is a silent rigid cabinet and a naturally fast clear sound. 


Stabilizer Inserts

The base of the cabinet has four levelling feet attached via forged steel inserts to hold the cabinet rock steady. The elimination of micro-vibration allows fine musical detail to be reproduced with delicate precision.

Crossover Network

A meticulously refined crossover network with precision wound inductors and high-linearity plastic film capacitors integrates the drivers seamlessly in a minimum phase alignment.  Each crossover component and every complete pair of Spendor loudspeakers is calibrated and matched to stringent broadcast reference standards.

High Efficiency

90dB efficiency and an easy to drive 8 ohm load ensure complete compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers and cables. With substantial power handling the D9’s can play very loud without sounding compressed. At low replay levels the sound is always clear and balanced. 

Retail Prices

Retail prices for the D9 are $9,995 US or $12,995 Canadian for cherry, dark walnut or black finishes. Premium rosewood and ebony finishes are available for $11,995 US or $14,995 Canadian. D9s are in stock at Bluebird Music now.

Click here for high res image of Ebony finish.


Image at left shows relative size of D7 vs. D9




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