SME Diamond Anniversary Model 30

Celebrating Seventy-Five Years of Excellence

The SME Diamond Anniversary Series is a significant milestone in the long history of SME with many great achievements made and still being made from inception in 1946 to becoming a premier and unique high end audio company today.

In celebration of our illustrious past and exciting future this exclusive Diamond Anniversary turntable is developed from the award winning and highly acclaimed flagship Model 30. The Diamond Series Model 30 is machine finished to demonstrate the definitive precision, sharp lines and creative cosmetic profile. The hand finished fine detail is an expression of the hand- crafted skills that SME is famous for. The black chrome contrast highlights and compliments this distinctive audio engineering masterpiece.

Available in Model 30/2 (shown above), Model 30/12, Synergy and Model 12.

Model 30/2

With its many original design features the Model 30/2 is a unique turntable. There are no critical adjustments or setting up procedures. Its immaculate construction and finish stem from facilities and uncompromising quality control which have made SME a byword for engineering excellence. Judged by Germany’s AUDIO ‘the best turntable of all time’ the Model 30/2 can be for the fortunate owner of an analogue collection the key to lasting musical enjoyment.

The moving parts of a fine turntable are of paramount importance. The spindle of the Model 30/2 is 170.5 mm long and 19 mm diameter. The massive sealed housing and individually fitted sintered bronze bearings in which the spindle runs are also of the generous proportions needed to ensure that the 330mm diameter platter weighing 7kg is adequately supported. The Model 30/2’s excellent dynamics and pitch stability are largely the result of the immense care taken in the design and execution of these components.

Model 30/12

A larger version of the well known Model 30/2, it will accept nine, ten and twelve inch tonearms but is especially directed at the exciting Series V-12. This offers performance 27% better than a nine inch tonearm in respect of angular error distortion. Its immaculate construction and finish stem from facilities and uncompromising quality control which have made the name SME a byword for audio engineering excellence.


Synergy is a fully integrated turntable unit that includes: turntable, tonearm, phono stage and cartridge. It comes factory configured requiring minimal user set-up. All Synergy components are high-end and perfectly matched assuring you of complete musical bliss right out of the box. The Anniversary Series Synergy is shown below.

SME Diamond Anniversary Series Synergy