Chord Electronics CPA 5000 Preamplifier

The CPA 5000 is one of two ultra-high-performance models in the flagship Reference range, representing our finest preamp engineering.

The CPA 5000 contains the latest proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supply. When combined with our ultra-low-noise circuitry, the technologies give the CPA 5000 an incredible noise floor performance of below -130dB.

The CPA 5000 is highly flexible. It offers four pairs of fully balanced inputs, four pairs unbalanced inputs, plus two completely independent tape/recording loops. Each input has six levels of gain that can be individually selected to prevent large changes in volume when switching between inputs and all settings are stored via a microprocessor, even if power is removed.

The CPA 5000 also includes two low-distortion, low-noise front panel headphone outputs to exploit the full potential of today’s high-quality headphones and give added flexibility for late-night or personal listening.

Also included, is fully balanced A/V bypass circuitry for direct connection to A/V processors, 12V remote triggering outputs at the rear of the unit to activate power amplifiers or A/V processors on power-up, plus Chord’s legendary aircraft-grade solid aluminium casework.


Unbalanced inputs: 4 pairs RCA phono style, gold plated with Teflon dielectric insulation.
Balanced inputs: 4 pairs, Neutrik XLR inputs.
Outputs: 1 pair Neutrik XLR, 1 pair RCA Phono wired asymmetrically in parallel.
AV bypass input: 1 pair Neutrik XLR
Intermodulation distortion: 120dB all inputs
Signal to noise ratio: 120dB all inputs
Average noise floor: 130dB
Frequency range: 2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)
Nominal gain: All inputs subject to 6 levels of switchable gain, (x0.5, x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5, x3)
THD: 0.002% 20Hz – 20KHz
Channel separation: 10Hz 110dB, 1kHz 110dB, 10kHz 100dB, 20kHz 90dB
Channel balance: 0.01 dB
Input impedance: Unbalanced 50kOhms, Balanced 100kOhms
Output impedance: 100 Ohms short circuit protected
Output offset: 0m VDC both channels
Max input voltage: 17V rms balanced, 8.5V rms unbalanced
Max output voltage: 17V rms balanced, 8.5V rms unbalanced
Volume performance: 0dB 0.5dB, -20dB 0.2dB, -60dB 0.2dB (13 seconds for full travel)
VU meter: Accurate to 0.5dB, 30 steps to VU specification
DC output triggers: 12V active high x 3
Power consumption: 30W
Operating Voltage: 85 – 270V AC (50-60Hz) auto switching
Dimensions: 19” x 14” x 7” (w/d/h)
Weight: 42 lbs.


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