Jadis JP200 MC Phono PreamplifierThe JP200MC is the most advanced line/MM/MC preamplifier currently produced by Jadis. It is a four-box system. Two mono pre-amplifiers with phono and each having its own outboard power supply.

Built with four line, one MM and one MC input, the JP200MC allows you to connect any analog sources you wish. The phono stage will accept all cartridges even ones with very low impedance.

This four chassis unit features separate and oversized power supplies, a switch to invert phase, four line inputs, one MM phono, one MC phono and one tape monitor. Tube complement includes: 6 x ECC83, 2 x 6922 and in the power supply; 2 x EF86 and 2 x EL84. Gain is 25dB (line), 59dB (MM) and 66dB (MC). Weight is 74 lbs.

Impressively wide soundstage, everything becomes clearer, easier, holographic! The build quality is superb and reliability is recognized by all. This preamplifier is clearly a reference among the best.

Haute Fidelite, Issue 165


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