This system, three steps above the entry level system, is rich in trickle-down technology and delivers outstanding high-end sound and best in class performance and value.

The CPA 3000 pre-amplifier and SPM 1050 power amplifier are the latest generation of products from Chord. These fully balanced designs are loaded with trickle-down technology from Chord's Reference products.

The CPA 3000 is feature rich with four pair of XLR inputs, two pair of RCA inputs, tape loop, and fully balanced AV Bypass circuitry that allows for direct connection to an AV processor. The result is a completely flexible system capable of the purest two channel applications and converting for use in a multichannel AV system with a simple press of a button. Remote triggering outputs are also included.

Must be heard to be appreciated

High end audio can be good value, and this combination proves it by delivering true world class performance with the industry’s most competitive value proposition. We are delighted to be able to bring Chord’s unique sonic abilities to a much broader market with these new models. While they are not inexpensive, they truly do offer outstanding value, and they must be heard to be appreciated.

they might be our introduction to the Chord family, but they are hardly what others would call 'intermediate level'. Packed full of the audio superiority you expect from Chord, these elegant new units ensure that entry level has never looked or sounded so good."   

John Franks, Founder Chord Electronics.

Level 1 - CPA 3000 Preamplifier and SPM 1050 MkII Amplifier - $23,100

Upgrade Path

Add more power with the SPM 1200 MkII amplifier in Level 2.


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