Featuring trickle-down technology from Vienna's flagship loudspeaker, The Music, the Liszt is an ingenious three-way design using an all-new version of Vienna Acoustics' patented Flat-Spider-Cone™ coincident driver. It’s set in a separate, rotating and vented enclosure, which is supported by a sophisticated bass cabinet featuring three patented Spider-Cone woofers.

The new 6 inch Flat-Spider-Cone driver is the result of an intensive development project. This remarkable driver assembly perfectly marries an astonishing new midrange unit with an equally remarkable tweeter. The coincident driver was solely developed by Vienna Acoustics and is skillfully manufactured by ScanSpeak.

The midrange employs a flat driver using Vienna Acoustics' self-damping X3P polymer material strengthened with glass fibers and made stiffer with twelve large reinforcement “Spider” ribs. The result of is unparalleled stiffness, exceptionally low mass and truly pistonic behavior — ideal for a loudspeaker driver and resulting in an ultra-fast transient response and superb resolution. A huge, high-force neodymium magnet assembly, built around a massive 50mm voice coil, precisely controls the driver.

Installed in a perfectly time-aligned position at the center of the midrange driver, is the new Vienna Acoustics–designed, hand-coated silk-dome tweeter, again driven by a neodymium magnet motor assembly. Two years in development, this new tweeter ranks as one of our best drivers to date.

The cabinet design exploits the full potential of the drivers with the Flat-Spider-Cone driver housed in a special top unit, decoupled from the bass drivers using an aluminum pivoting mechanism, permitting useful toe-in adjustment. The configuration is similar to the Klimt Series but Liszt adds porting to the midrange cabinet.


Music is the heart of life.
Franz Liszt



For low frequencies, three 7-inch Spider Cone bass drivers, using proprietary ribbed X3P polymer material, are housed in a separate and elaborately devised enclosure. The braced cabinet is divided into two different chambers: one with a single woofer and the other with two woofers — each vented and uniquely tuned. The twin units offer the lowest bass, working in parallel, while the single driver provides ideal transition to the midrange driver. This configuration results in tremendous bass extension with speed and liquidity.

As with all Vienna Acoustics speaker systems, Liszt is meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards of quality in Vienna, Austria, with each finished speaker matching the reference within 0.3 dB. It’s available in true Piano Black, Piano White and sustainably sourced Cherry and Premium Rosewood veneer finishes.



But as impressive as these Vienna Acoustics speakers are on large-scale classical recordings, their quality really starts to shine on smaller, more intimate material, where their portrayal of individual instruments is almost ghostly at times.

Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat, February 2016


Technical Specifications:

Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency response 28 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensitivity  91 dB
Recommended Amplifier  50 – 400 Watts
Tweeter  1.2in / 30mm Handcrafted, Hand-Coated Neodymium Center-Vented Silk Dome
Midrange  (1) 6in / 152.4mm Flat-Spider-Cone™, High-Power Neodymium Motor 
Woofers  (3) 7in / 177.8mm X3P Spider-Cone™
Bass System  Bass Reflex
Crossover System  Three-Way. 6dB and 12dB Bessel
Crossover Components  MKP Capacitor, 1% Tolerance; Air Coils, 0.7% Tolerance
Metal Film Resistors  Tolerance, Inductance Free
Weight per Pair  198 lbs / 88 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 7.8” x 45.2” 17.2” without base assembly / 11.6” x 47.6” 17.2” with base assembly
Finishes Cherry, Premium Rosewood, Piano Black, and Piano White


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