Finally, Digital Perfected 

Introducing the world's first stand-alone upscaler.

The Hugo M Scaler is a revolutionary new component, the first of its kind, and it will profoundly change the way you hear digital music. The M Scaler features Chord Electronics’ groundbreaking upscaling and digital filter technology. With the world’s most advanced upscaling technology, the M Scaler takes digital files from any source and transforms them into audio that’s virtually indistinguishable from the original analog performance.

The Problem with Digital

The creation of a digital music file by definition requires taking a “snapshot” or “sample” of the music waveform 44,100 time per second and digitizing those samples. However at 44,100 samples per second, there’s a gap between samples—22 microseconds to be exact. The problem is musical timing and transient information also occurs in these gaps and whatever information that exists in the gaps is lost when creating the digital file.

Initially it was thought that the small losses between the samples would be indiscernible and that digital music files would deliver perfect sound. Today we know this was not so. The reality is the brain can discern definite differences between digital and analog music formats, and those tiny errors have a big impact on sound quality.

What is Upscaling and Do I Really Need It?

Chord’s 16 times upscaling is a break-through technology that essentially recaptures the data lost when creating a digital file of an analog musical performance. One can think of the M Scaler acting like a “pre-DAC”. It takes the digital file and repairs it, adding back the information lost between the samples, then it sends the repaired file to your DAC. 

The M Scaler increases the sampling rate from 44,100 times per second (44.1 kHz) by a multiple of 16, to 705,600 times per second (706.6 kHz). With 705,600 samples per second, a huge amount of important information that was lost when creating the 44.1 digital file is now recovered. The more samples, the closer you get to the original analog signal.

As illustrated below, and explained further in our Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler White Paper, the Hugo M Scaler in essence places 15 additional new musical samples in between each original musical sample resulting in an astounding improvement in the recreation of the original music signal.


The Hugo M Scaler takes a rough stairstep CD quality waveform and transforms it into a smooth analog-like waveform. That quantum leap in sampling brings a breathtaking leap in detail, accuracy and realism to your music. Short of going to the concert hall there is simply nothing else, digital or analog, that can bring you closer to the actual performance.

Works with Everything

The Hugo M Scaler is inserted in your system ahead of the DAC— it is not a DAC and it does not replace your DAC. The M Scaler improves the sound of all digital audio systems. It works with all digital files and streaming services and all digital source components; streamers, smart devices, computers, CD/DVD players and video systems.

The M Scaler works with all DAC brands so you don’t need a Chord Electronics DAC to get the benefits of upscaling. Even if you have an older DAC that only accommodates 4 or 8 times upscaling, you will still get a very worthwhile improvement in sound quality when adding the M Scaler to your audio system.

The M Scaler makes substantial, across-the-board improvements to almost every qualitative aspect of the sound. The unexpected sonic improvements I heard left me slack-jawed with astonishment. Once you hear the M Scaler there’s no going back.

Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+ Magazine, May 2019

If you want the best the M Scaler is a must-listen... you end up with a sound not available elsewhere. This is a unique and extraordinary product.

Noel Keywood, Hi-Fi World, Five Globe Award, April 2019

Huge difference. Suddenly everything becomes alive and real. You're hearing the original performer in the studio.

Rob Watts, Chord Electronics

Features and Specifications

Inputs: 1x Galvanically isolated Type-B USB, 2x Coax BNC and 2x Optical
Outputs: 1x Galvanically isolated dual BNC (enables upscaling to the maximum 768kHz), 1x BNC S/PDIF and 1x Optical
PCM support: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6 and 768kHz – 16 to 32bit
Driver support: Driverless with Mac OS X and Linux, driver required for Windows OS
Dimensions: 1.6" (H) 9.3" (W) 9.4"(D)
Weight: 5.6 lbs

Additional features: 

The most advanced digital filter in the world
Adjustable sample rate output (with pass-thru mode)
Video mode (for lower latency)
Auto video and source selection
‘DX’ controls for a future product design
FPGA: Xilinx XC7A200T
Filter tap length: 1,015,808 WTA taps

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Download the M Scaler White Paper

Want to know more about what the M Scaler does, how it works, why you need it?
Click the image or link below to download our informative M Scaler White Paper.

Click here to download the M Scaler White Paper.

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