MA 30.3 Monoblock Amplifiers

AVM MA 30.3 Mono AmplifierThe MA 30.3’s high-current MOSFET circuitry and 180 watts per channel output into 8 ohms will provide exciting, engaging reproduction of even the most dynamic music, whether orchestral or heavy metal. With separate power supplies for input and output stages, massive banks of capacitance, and the total separation of stereo channels that only separate mono amps can provide, the MA 30.3s will provide stunning realism in any system.

Balanced and unbalanced inputs, sophisticated protection circuitry, selectable trigger modes and biwiring terminals ensure connectivity and usability. Brushed aluminum faceplates in either silver or black match other 30.3 components, and provide an elegant bit of bling for any system.

MA 30.3 Features

  • Class A / AB power amplifier with 180 W (8 Ohm)
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • Stabilized power supply unit with 550 VA toroidal power transformer
  • 2 separate power supplies for the front end and power amplifier
  • Sieving with a total of over 40,000 µF
  • Protection circuits against DC voltage, excess temperature and short circuit
  • Automatic signal sensitive mode and trigger input (on / off)
  • AIR (AVM Intelligent Remote) convenient on / off function without trigger cable in connection with AVM preamplifiers
  • Bi-wiring terminals
  • Environmentally friendly standby power below 1 watt
  • Housing versions: silver or black

AVM AM 30.3 Monoblock amplifiers

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