The SME Model 12 MK2 is designed and precision engineered for pure audio reproduction. The Model 12 MK2 uses the unique styling of SME’s new Synergy turntable and comes complete with an SME Model 309 one-piece magnesium tonearm, one of the most rigid and acoustically inert tonearms on the market.

The Model 12 MK2 features a new highly advanced drive system which provides much improved speed control, accuracy and stability. The SME Model 12 MK2 features several important upgrades from the Model 6. It is a higher mass design with increased stability. Adjustable feet, taken from SME’s Synergy table, allow for easy leveling while providing superior isolation. A substantial 3/4” spindle improves mechanical integrity, upgraded electronics lower the noise floor, and the 309 tonearm internal wiring and audio lead now feature Crystal Cable. (Click link at the bottom of page for more details).

As with all SME turntables, the Model 12 MK2 is a stable high mass, minimal footprint, high performance engineered design benefiting from the finest materials and hand craftsmanship. Every component part has been precision crafted in-house to the strictest tolerances to contribute to an unparalleled musical performance and value.

The increase in mass and stability over the Model 6 reveals performance much closer to the model 15 with a lowering of noise and improved bottom octave bass performance. The Crystal Cable upgrade brings a significant increase in transparency.

Hear the true sound of your records and phono cartridge for the first time with an SME turntable.

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The new Model 12 MK2 delivers a natural, open and dynamic sound. It faithfully recreates the sound and emotion of the original performance with an uncanny sense of realism that will transport you to the concert hall.

The Model 12 MK2 is stocked in black finish. It weighs 57 lbs. Dimensions are: W15” x D14” x H7”.

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SME Model 12 MK2

Many arm/table combinations costing multiples of its price come nowhere near this level of execution and performance. [Model 12A]

Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, Winner: Turntable of the Year, January 2021