Reference Monoblock System

AVM Reference Monoblock SystemThe PA 8.3 retains the 8.2’s modular structure, but features an improved linear power supply and processor-based controls. Plug-in input and output options include phono, DAC, tuner, tone control, and tube line stage cards. The phono stage is configurable for either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges with a full range of loading options; the quad DAC has four digital inputs, all of which can be used simultaneously, and supports PCM files up to 384 kHz/32 bits and DSD files up to DSD 128.

The tube line stage utilizes a pair of AVM’s own 803T dual-triodes. A separate Class A headphone amp produces non-fatiguing, smooth sound for extended personal listening sessions. Streaming from Qobuz, TIDAL, UPnP and webradio allows for effortless listening, conveniently controlled by iOS or Android apps. A full-function remote control is optional. The PA 8.3’s plug-in capabilities ensure that all future formats can be played, for decades to come.

The MA 8.3 combines the delicacy and precision of a tube input stage with the power and unlimited dynamics of a high-current MOSFET output stage featuring 48 closely-matched devices and 1,000 watts per unit and will drive any loudspeaker with unmatched slam and drive, while maintaining immense reserve capacity, ensuring orchestral crescendi are reproduced with their full glory. Ultra-short signal paths and massive power supplies containing 5 transformers and capacitor banks with 40,000 microfarads yield unmatched transient ability and thrilling dynamic contrasts. The MA 8.3 is the pinnacle of the AVM line, and provides state of the art sound and lasting value.

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