AVM Rotation R 2.3 turntableRotation R 2.3

The R 2.3 is a compact belt-drive turntable that comes complete with AVM’s own 9” gimbal-mounted, medium-mass tonearm, able to accommodate a wide range of cartridges. The high-density composite plinth is wrapped in brushed silver or black aluminum, creating a solid, inert structure, topped by an acrylic dustcover.

Three touch-switches select on/off, 33, or 45 rpm speeds; the DC motor is servo-controlled to ensure speed accuracy. A heavy aluminum subplatter is topped by an acrylic platter which can be illuminated by blue LEDs; that feature can be dimmed or shut off completely. The R 2.3 weighs in at a solid 26 pounds.

As you can see from the measured speed accuracy and consistency, this $4990 table spins at the correct speed, and its consistency rivals that of far more expensive turntables. AVM's R 2.3 strikes me as a well-designed and built, well-performing, sexy-looking turntable. The R 2.3 certainly performs well enough to communicate how sonically satisfying vinyl can be.

Michael Fremer, Stereophile Class B Recommended Component, November 2020

AVM Rotation R 2.3 Tonearm

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