This powerful three way design features a 7” mid-range and 12” woofer allowing it to move air like few other flagship loudspeakers can. The result is a breath-taking recreation of a live performance with a glorious full scale sound.

The SP100R2 is an evolution of the Spendor BC3, S100, S100P, SP100 and SP100R loudspeaker systems. These have been recipients of numerous awards: the prestigious French Diapason d'or and the Japanese 'Component of the year' accolade to name but two. The Spendor SP100R2 continues to set the standard by which other full-size loudspeakers must be judged.

The SP100R2 is a testament to Spendor's unique understanding of cabinet design. Critical positioning of the drive units and internal enclosures control and reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum.


Pacing? Impact? Involvement? the Spendors sounded awesome. More important, the very emotional 'Unsatisfied' was screamingly, tearily good through these speakers. The Spendors lived up to their BBC heritage as monitors. They were open, articulate, correct and, without sounding the least bit cold, cerebral. They communicated the wondrous sense of structure and flow.
With work, one can find loudspeakers - virtually always more expensive than the Classic SP100R2 that perform better at one or two tasks: but in my experience, it's extremely difficult to find one that does better at all the many things the Classic SP100R2 does so well.
The current price seems quite reasonable for all the SP100R2 has to offer. Sixteen years later, Spendor's flagship Classic model is just as recommendable, if not more so - and all the more deserving of its status as a reference.
A stronger recommendation does not exist.
Art Dudley, Stereophile, January 2013


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