Spendor A4 Loudspeakers in OakSpendor A4

The new Spendor A4 loudspeakers were designed for music lovers. They will fill your listening room with clear captivating sound and, thanks to innovative Spendor technology, the A4s will allow you to get the very best sound from whatever partnering equipment you have.

Exciting, life-like, dynamic sound

At the heart of the A4 is a new Spendor designed and engineered 7” bass-mid drive unit. It features the same EP77 polymer cone and new surround developed for Spendor’s flagship D7 model. The driver has excellent power handling and extremely good low-level linearity. Key electrical, mechanical and damping parameters have been optimized to ensure consistent low frequency performance and sound in any listening room and with any amplifier.

Custom Crossovers for Sparkling Clarity

A meticulously refined crossover network integrates the drivers seamlessly to deliver vivid, dynamic, but always natural, sound. Spendor’s high-quality crossovers utilize custom-in-house made inductors which avoid the distortion problem created by attenuating resistors and allow very fine tuning of frequency and phase response. As a result Spendor’s A Line loudspeakers achieve a coherent balanced sound rarely found in loudspeakers at this price-point.

Smooth Natural Highs

A 22mm silk dome wide-surround tweeter gives stable low distortion response over a very wide frequency range. The unique diaphragm profile delivers a smooth extended high frequency response over a very wide listening area. The tweeter has a protective mesh grille.

Clear, fast, engaging sound with true transparency

Timing is fundamental to the musical experience. In conventional loudspeakers spurious energy is stored and released slowly. This creates unacceptable blurring and slowing of the sound. Spendor’s innovative Dynamic Damping system solves this problem by converting unwanted energy in the cabinet into inaudible heat. The result is a naturally fast engaging sound.

Easy to drive and easy to love

High quality internal cables, high linearity audio grade capacitors and an easy to drive 8ohm load ensure uncompromised performance and ensure the A Line loudspeakers work well with all good amplifiers and cables.

It doesn't take long to realize that the A4s are talented. These floorstanders revel in the music's wide-ranging dynamics and complex arrangement. There's plenty of insight, these sound clean and wonderfully balanced. The A4's midrange is lovely. Voices come through with impressive clarity, pleasing projection and a class-leading level of subtlety. The A4s are excellent speakers, combining Spendor's traditional strengths with a generous dose of entertainment.

What Hi-Fi, July 2017, Five Star Award Winner


Engineering innovation from the multi-award winning Spendor SA1, A6R and D7 loudspeakers.
New Spendor EP77 Polymer cones.
Deep articulate bass.
Calibrated and matched to broadcast reference standard.
Fully designed and manufactured in the UK.
Black ash, dark walnut and natural oak real wood veneers.


Two-way floorstanding, ported, 22mm soft dome tweeter, 7" woofer.
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 31.3" x 6.5" x 11"
Weight: 35 lbs each
Response: 34Hz - 25kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms, minimum 5.7
Amplifier: 30 - 200 watts
Sensitivity: 86dB
Crossover: 3.7kHz


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