The Chord SPM 14000 MkII Ultimate mono amplifier, pictured below, has been designed as simply the finest amplifier Chord Electronics has ever built. The SPM 14000 features the latest generation 12kW-capable power supplies, utilizing multiple clocking and spread spectrum techniques to provide the best possible noise performance. With no less that sixty-four of Chord's lateral structure power output devices, this mono amplifier has massive, effortless reserves of energy and incredibly low distortion.

Output is 1000 watts into 8 ohms, (2000w into 4 ohms), frequency response 3dB, 10Hz to 90Khz (8 ohms), signal to noise ratio is better than -103dB, with 30dB of gain and unconditional stability. Connections are 4 gold plated High Current WBT output connectors, 2 XLR balanced inputs and 2 RCA single ended inputs. Dimensions 19" x 13" x 26"(w x h x d), 165 lbs. 

Now in MkII form, numerous engineering refinements have been made to the SPM 14000 to increase its sonic performance, flexibility and lifespan. These include:

  • A new front panel design.
  • A new power-control and sequencing board.
  • A new rear connector plate that allows for third-party power connectors and the use of new beautifully made, British-designed, heavy-duty, gold-plated, insulated speaker terminals
  • Refinements to the filter components of the subsequent amplifier stages, to insure greater high-speed performance whilst maintaining good overall stability.
  • Internal upgrades including numerous circuit board and earthing changes. These were implemented to improve high-current power flow across the units and help extend the product’s lifecycle.
  • A reduction of the value of the emitter balancing resistors in the first long tail pair in the second intermediate stage of the amplifier. This allows for a faster overall response and improves the square signal performance of the very high frequencies of the amplifiers.

The Chord SPM 14000 Ultimate is the finest pure-solid-state amplifier I have auditioned and one of the very finest amplifiers to be found, period.  

 - Paul Bolin, Stereophile Class A Recommended Component


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