Flagship MC Phono Preamplifier

Chord Symphonic MC Phono StageThe Symphonic is our flagship MC phono stage. It uses our latest high-frequency power supply technology to exploit vinyl’s full potential.

The Symphonic offers an almost infinite number of input impedance and gain options making it a highly flexible device for integrating high-quality turntables into Chord systems. The comprehensive settings options are all externally selectable by push buttons on the back. The selections signified internally with illuminating LEDs within the top "lens" windows. commensurate with the high caliber of Chord amplification, the Symphonic offers both unbalanced and balanced inputs and outputs.

A rumble filter removes unwanted low-frequency rumble signals appearing on both channels. The Symphonic Phono stage conforms to the RIAA curve without the IEC roll-off when the Rumble filter is set to off. The IEC curve response can be added by setting the Rumble filter to on. According to the wiring of the tone arm on the turntable used, the Symphonic can be operated in either an unbalanced or balanced mode.

The Symphonic delivers a stunning musical performance irrespective of price, but with a retail price of only $3,995 the Symphonic is the MC phono stage you need to listen to today. 

The Chord Symphonic is a killer MC phono preamplifier. It is well worth its asking price. To all those who use MC cartridges in their analog set ups, I highly recommend this phono preamp.
Tom Lyle, EnjoyTheMusic, January 2019, Best of Year Award Winner

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