TToby - The Matching Power Amp for Hugo TT 2

Chord Electronics TToby amplifier with TT 2 DACFeaturing the same amplification technology as Chord's full-size range, TToby doesn’t compromise on power or providing you with the purest audio experience.

The TToby has been designed to complement our Hugo TT 2 DAC/headphone amplifier and Hugo M Scaler. The combination of Hugo TT 2 and TToby provides a high-quality hi-fi system, with desktop dimensions and a space-saving footprint.

Despite its size, the TToby sets new standards for small amplifiers and takes full advantage of Chord Electronics’ proprietary amplification technology and design know-how.

The TToby is a Class AB design featuring two of Chord's proprietary high-frequency power supplies, as a result it will effortlessly drive a wide variety of loudspeakers, large or small, including even notoriously hard to drive loudspeakers. 

Audition a TToby today. You'll find it's a surprisingly powerful and refined amplifier, one you can definitely live with.

This is an exceptionally good power amplifier - it just happens to be small. In practice there’s nothing small or shrunken about its sound or abilities, and it proves capable of driving even large floorstanding speakers to good effect. To think of it as a desktop choice is to do it a disservice - this miniaturized version of Chord’s mighty power amplifiers has lost none of its heritage in the process.

Andrew Everard, HiFi News, Outstanding Product Winner, January 2017


Output Power:  100w RMS per channel @ 0.016% distortion into 4Ω
Frequency Range:  5Hz – 100kHz +/- 0.5dB
Signal to Noise Ratio:  Better than -103dB
Channel Separation:  Better than 95dB
Input Impedance:  100kΩ Unbalanced/Balanced
Input Capacitance:  <32pf
Output Inductance:  2.6μH
Slew Rate:  70v per μS 1kHz, 20v Square Wave
Gain:  30dB
Stability:  Unconditional
Dimensions:  9.3in (w) x 8.9in (d) x 2.2in (h)
Weight:  8.25 lbs.

TToby is in stock in black and silver finish.

NOTE: TToby is shown at top of page below matching Hugo TT.

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