Chord Electronics Ultima 2 Monoblock Amplifier

2019 year marks the 30th year that Chord Electronics has been in business. As a part of these celebrations, Chord Electronics has taken their flagship ULTIMA amplifier technology, upgraded it, and proudly launched a new mono power amplifier, the ULTIMA 2.

The ULTIMA 2 is able to take 750w into 8 ohms. This device is able to drive any speaker to an exceptionally high volume. This amplifier is not just about power, there is also astonishingly accurate error monitoring and compensated amplification.

The ULTIMA amplifier topology was first launched in October of 2018. The ULTIMA 2 750-watt mono amplifier replaces the SPM 6000 MKII and secures its place in Chord’s flagship range of products. 

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum. The design of the ULTIMA 2 showcases the recessed spherical buttons that are a big part of the Chord family of audio products. The ULTIMA 2 is available in both silver and black finishes.

The ULTIMA 2 has five different input options to choose from including XLR and RCA. The outputs are 2 high quality, gold plated speaker terminals. If you’re looking for the perfect mono power amplifier to provide world-class performance, then the ULTIMA 2 is a great choice.



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