Hi-Fi Choice Reviews SME Model 60


Hearing the deck in full flow is an extraordinary experience and a vinyl lover’s dream. Its presentation has an effortlessness and neutrality that is nothing short of enthralling and completely free of unwanted ‘character’. This means we’re always listening to what the artist intended, rather than a nicely polished version.
This turntable also possesses one of the most eerily silent backgrounds we’ve ever (not) heard from vinyl – level of groove noise are astonishingly low and pops and clicks are only noticeable by their absence. And when not being quiet, the Model 60 turns in a performance that is utterly revelatory.
To suggest its detail retrieval abilities are formidable would be a gross understatement. No matter what sort of music we choose to pass under the stylus, the Model 60 lifts every element out of the groove and serves them up in a way we’ve seldom encountered. This astonishing level of detail never once leaves the Model 60 sounding like a surgical instrument. Rather its level of insight works to knit the music together as a whole.
The sense of sumptuous clarity continues into the top end, with vocal performances in particular an absolute joy to behold. Across the lower registers, the Model 60 sounds impeccable. The deck’s bass delivery is extended, fluid and taut, and when impact is required, it happily provides it. It is flawless, too, when it comes to the detail and texture of bass instruments.
Exquisite engineering and finish. The new standard by which all high-end turntables should be judged.
Hi-Fi Choice, Five Star and Recommended Award, August 2022


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