Hi-Fi News Reviews SME Model 12 MK2

Fit and finish of the turntable is exquisite, setup is easy and it’s a joy to use with very swift start-up and beautifully damped arm cuing.
There’s an unflappable sense of solidity to the Model 12 MK2’s performance as nothing seems to faze it or make it sound the slightest bit wobbly or uncertain. The impeccable engineering in its construction translates to an even-handedness, both in a technical sense across the auto band, and a musical sense as it tackles every style and genre.
No other deck or arm manufacturer has quite managed to blend confidence and detail together with such a sense of consummate musical ease. I’ve always felt that more detail just means more music, and the Model 12 MK2 illustrates this point.
This turntable had me all but purring with pleasure. The bass presence is magnificent and it powered through my listening room with real drive, while the sense of space and depth set up by the deck was astonishing, as was its dynamic range.
The Model 12 MK2 is a gloriously secure and solid-sounding deck with a bass warmth that underpins a deeply insightful performance. All of this combines to give a sound that is truly captivating, and wrapped up in a compact, stylish and exquisitely engineered package.
Adam Smith, Hi-Fi News, January 2023, Outstanding Product Award Winner

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