A7 Reviewed by Stereophile

Wed, 06 Mar 2019

Stereophile A7 review imageRegardless of source or amplification, the Spendor A7s produced some of the most extended, tonally rich, and weighty frequencies ever to fill my room.
Nor was there ever a dead zone or booming accent: bass frequencies were uniformly dispersed and endowed with outstanding touch and timing. The A7’s delivered the low-down, throbbing, subterranean heart of every recording exceptionally well and without exception.
Here was a superbly tactile, meaty, and immersive sound. With disc after disc, the A7s produced solid images with lightning-fast delivery and impressive physicality – I could feel each instrument’s unique texture in space.
Through every amplifier, with every recording, the A7 wowed me with its remarkably natural reproduction skills. Lesser speakers can make music sound processed, with shrunken heads, a sterile midrange, and plastic-brittle beats. The A7 found the ever-physical sweet spot in everything I played, on LP or CD.
Disc after disc, music flowed with ease and aplomb from the A7s lovely cabinets. The Spendor A7s played crisply and cleanly, with a neutral midrange and revealing, powerful bass. I found very little to fault in the A7 and much to love, most notably its palpable and authentic presentation on everything from Willie Hutch’s grooving soul to Dave Holland’s aromatic, straight-ahead jazz.
If I were in the market for a pair of floorstanding speakers costing about $5,000/pair, the Spendor A7 would take my cash.
Ken Micallef, Stereophile, March 2019

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