Hi-Fi News Reviews CS 2.3 All-In-One Streaming Receiver

Mon, 28 Feb 2022

Hi-Fi News AVM CS 2.3 ReviewIt’s a true ‘just add speakers’ system, and one whose 140W-rated Class D amp modules are seeming capable of driving a wide range of speakers. It also has a comprehensive set of inputs, which isn’t always a given with systems of this kind.
Whether with CD, streaming services, music from local stores or indeed vinyl, the sound is smooth and precise and – there’s no arguing with the confidence and sheer musical impact the German-built system can muster. 
That fine handling of timbres and textures is also much in evidence on Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. The system may be warm and refined rather than upfront, but it boasts a deftness of touch and dynamic ability that gets into the heart of whatever you choose to play, presenting this excellent recording with crispness and control, and allowing the listener to appreciate the quality of the musicianship on offer.
That combination of insight without overt ‘hi-fi-ness’ is what this system does so well. There’s plenty of information on offer, and the sound is always precise as well as rich and sumptuous. It’s just as adept when it comes to slamming out the dense lo-fi mixes of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Temptation’, or ‘Blue Monday’ at room-shaking levels, and generating plenty of excitement in the process.
With its mix of warmth, control and seemingly unburstable power, it’s hardly a surprise that this little system is well-suited to the demands of classical music, whether a tight little chamber ensemble or a ‘big-band’ symphony. Not only does it give the listener a well-judged sense of an ensemble located in a realistic acoustic, it also has a lovely generosity of sound to complement all that clarity and definition.
The CS 2.3 is all about generous, beautifully controlled music-making, ensuring listening is as easy as it is rewarding. Add in superb build quality, a comprehensive feature-set and ease of use via the new RC X app, and this unashamedly luxurious little system has the wherewithal to win over buyers, even in the face of more keenly-priced competition.
James Parker, Hi-Fi News November 2021, Highly Commended Award

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