Hi-Fi News Reviews Spendor A4

Sun, 01 Jul 2018

It’s very clear Spendor got the balance right. It has a natural, understated charm that makes pretty much any type of music agreeable and enjoyable.
There was a lot of mid-band detail and a pleasant, liltingly musical gait to the way the rhythms were handled. It served up a great lead vocal, smooth yet vibrant saxophone sound and had a highly satisfying musical flow.
Indeed the mid-band shone as this speaker’s crowning jewel, for it really seemed to relish throwing out a good deal of rhythmically coherent detail.
I found the sound to be articulate and tonally polished – just as it should be. The A4 proved great fun with Isaacs’ vocal carried in a close and intimate way, beautifully syncopated with the lead keyboards. The song came over just as it should: a sweet, enjoyable foot-tapper with a wonderful grove that pulls you right in.
The Spendor A4 simply locks you into the wonderful natural flow of the music, and keeps you there transfixed. It looks discreet and unprepossessing, yet oozes quality through and through.
Lab Report:
The A4’s frequency response is the flattest we’ve measured from any loudspeaker in recent years, whether passive or active. It’s a remarkable achievement. The A4 is a notably easy loudspeaker to drive compared to most of its competitors. The A4 has excellent bass extension for its modest size. Our measurement showed the LF extension to be a fine 38Hz (-6dB re. 200Hz) whereas many higher-sensitivity competitors average around 55Hz, half an octave higher.
David Price, Hi-Fi News, November 2017

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