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Thu, 17 Oct 2019

The sound of Vienna Acoustic’s birthday present is from a time before people equated ‘detail’ with ‘brightness’ and instead treated the two as distinct sonic entities. The Haydn is a detailed but not bright loudspeaker, and while that might seem like an alien concept to some, those who listen to unamplified concerts hear it all the time.
Listen to well-recorded – but more importantly, well-played – piano and you are transported to the concert hall. What matters is the separation of notes and the sense of physical solidity of the piano. This is surprising because typically solidity is a function of bass deeper than these loudspeakers can produce, and yet the sound is not ‘tweaked’. It’s just that those piano sounds are so intrinsically ‘right’ we expect it to have that physicality.
The dynamic range of the loudspeaker is perfectly balanced here... the Haydn Jubilee nevertheless brings out the drama and majesty of the piece by revealing those subtle textures within the recording itself. This is as much about image space and dimensionality, and the speaker makes a great soundstage.
In an important way, what the Haydn Jubilee does so well is be better than the sum of its parts. It’s a fine imaging, dynamic-sounding, and inherently musical loudspeaker that only draws attention to the music it is playing, regardless of the type of music being played. Many loudspeakers do this, but the Haydn does it with such effortless charm and elan, you can’t help but like it because of the way it makes you like music.
Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, October 2019

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