Hi-Fi World Reviews Spendor D7.2

Tue, 11 Feb 2020

These Spendors have a sophistication and smoothness that invites you back. In fact they are just the sort of loudspeakers I could live with for years while upgrading other elements in the system. And that is true value for money.
Beautifully-made relatively compact yet having a sound that boasts extended treble and a smooth mid-band allied to some real punch in the bass department. There’s a room-filling sound on offer and they are not to fussy about positioning. As floorstanders go in the price range there’s little to touch them. Listen and enjoy.
Port output reaches down to 20Hz so the D7.2 goes very low and will produce subsonics in a large room. Bass control will be excellent, but this does not look like a bass heavy or boomy design. It will however ‘play a bass tune’ properly. It goes loud with little amplifier power and is a realatively easy load for an amplifier, measuring 6.6 Ohms impedance overall. This is a deeply controlled and honed design in measurement terms. As ever with Spendor construction of the D7.2s is top-notch.
If you are looking for a floorstanders with punch yet a smooth and refined nature then they should be on the top of your wish list. Outstanding – amongst the best.
Hi-Fi World, November 2019, Five Globe Award Winner

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