I-50 Reviewed by HiFi News

Thu, 12 May 2016

Extended listening revealed that the bass was punchy and tight as well as rich and extended, while that midband was packing bags of detail, and for all its sweetness the treble was capable of conveying a huge amount of ambient information, and conjuring up a very real sense of a performance taking place in a credible space.
This wasn’t the sinking into a warm bath listening experience of valve amplifier cliché, but something altogether more compelling and involving, that beautiful fluidity merely doing the job of making the music easy to enjoy.
Fast able to drive hard and power out a rhythm section: surely this isn’t what people think of when you mention valve amplifiers? The Jadis certainly delivers music such as this with all the conviction you could wish for.
You won’t find many amplifiers quite as communicative as this one. It shows its ability to deliver those beautifully textured string timbres, evoke the ambience of the recording venue, and yet still have the razor-sharp timing needed to ensure the music is propelled forward in thrilling fashion.
The Jadis I-50 has the wherewithal to dispel myths while at the same time opening up real possibilities. It has the power to drive real speakers to real levels, and to do so with a sense of control and confidence that’s hard to dispute.
Andrew Everard, HiFi News, April 2015

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