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Mon, 02 Jul 2018

Right out of the gate, I noticed that the Spendor A2s had what I considered a very warm and inviting sound, which was not really what I was expecting; I really thought they'd be more on the analytical side. And the soundstage was also surprisingly large and well-projected for such a smallish-form floorstander.
My initial impressions with regard to construction and materials was that the A2s were absolutely top-shelf in every respect of cabinet appearance, driver complement, and fit and finish. The A2s simply exuded quality; everything about them hearkens back to an era when this level of fit, finish, and detail in a loudspeaker was the expected norm.
The A2s just flat-out rocked with anything I played through them—and I listened to a broad variety of musical genres for this review. With more acoustically-based jazz, they produced a surprising amount of bass, even in a largish room with about 3500 cubic feet of space. The A2s didn't seem at all lacking for satisfying levels of bass in what I consider a very decently-proportioned room and with music played at realistic, but reasonable output levels.
Through the A2s the sound was rendered with realism and perfection. The A2s have a sense of timing and pace such that for me, almost anything I chose to play through them was rendered with stunning accuracy and musicality.
Probably the A2s greatest strength is its remarkably good midrange presentation, which was clearly evident with every musical selection.
The results were strikingly good - the music took on an extra measure of clarity and effortlessness that I wouldn't have dreamed possible coming from such a small form factor loudspeaker. Highly recommended!
Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback, May 2018


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