Qutest Wins Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice Award

Wed, 06 Jun 2018

Chord’s great sense of timing is hard not to fall in love with. In other respects it’s also highly accomplished. It’s truly impressive on classical music. The way it hones is on different instrumental sections is a revelation… there’s a fabulous sense of focus that makes things sound bold and highly defined. There is a great sense of being transported back to the time and place of the recording. The soundstage is beautifully etched with the piano sounding so solid it could have been bricked into my listening room way.
What really strikes me here, though, is the sweet, smooth tonality of the Qutest. It sounds more natural than anything else at or near the price; it’s smooth, even and is able to communicate the natural tonal patina of acoustic instruments surprisingly well. Whether is it strings or brass, the performance just sound so much more natural and organic here.
Dynamically, the baby Chord is great. The way the Qutest carries the expressive emotion of the vocals is a delight. Not only is the timbre of the singers voice a pleasure to hear, but the DAC is able to impart every last inflection.
This is a great sounding digital converter – indeed spectacular at the price. You’ll have to spend a lot more money than this to find a DAC that does any better.
David Price, HiFi Choice, Editor’s Choice Winner, May 2018

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