Roy Gregory Reviews The D9 for Hi-Fi+

Tue, 03 Jul 2018

The D9’s deep, linear bass is remarkably well behaved. Play something quick and clean, like Eleanor McEvoy’s Yola, with its crisp dynamics and surprisingly deep bass and the D9s don’t disappoint. The bottom end is deft and sure-footed, with plenty of instrumental character, rhythm, and definition, pushing things along at just the right pace.
Melodies and phrasing are articulate and the vocals – oh, the vocals: intimate, affecting, direct, and communicative, those vocals make this a captivating and addictive listen, one of those speakers where you set out to play a track and end up playing the whole side.
Did I mention the tweeter? No – that’s because you just don’t notice it, at least not as a separate entity. It’s simply a beautifully integrated extension of that open and intimate midrange. 
Put those attributes together and what you have on the one hand is a classic British speaker, pace, rhythm, and timing all present and correct. On the other – you have a classic British speaker, tonally neutral, linear, and musically coherent. In a very real sense the D9 combines the two great traditions of UK speaker design, without diminishing either.
Does that mean you can have your cake and eat it? Yes it does – and you can enjoy it with a surprisingly wide range of partnering amps too. In fact, the D9 is so system and room friendly that in many cases it might well be the best speaker you’ve ever heard, especially at the price.
The D9 really hits the sweet spot of attainable price, achievable performance, and acceptable domestic impact. A superbly balanced and beautifully judged design, this is the best Spendor yet – and that’s no mean feat.
Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+ Issue 151, September 2017

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