Spendor A7 Wins What Hi-Fi? Five Star Award

Wed, 04 Jul 2018

These A7s are superb floorstanders that sound great, look great and are compact enough to fit into most homes. Build quality is of a high standard, with crisp edges and impeccably smart wood veneer finishes.
Detail levels are fantastic, with each instrument strand and vocal quirk laid bare. The sound is terrifically clean and organized but these A7s also pack in bags of punch to keep things sounding lively.
Vocals are a particular highlight. We play Liability by Lorde and the emotionally laden vocals sound gorgeous – focused, tangible and intimate.
They time with pinpoint accuracy and are immensely transparent too, highlighting any differences in recording qualities. They’re full of expressive melodies and undulating dynamics.
Despite their relatively compact size, these speakers go satisfyingly deep and keep a firm grip on the baseline of Massive Attack’s Angel. Each note is pulled taut, and the edges are precise but wrapped in layers of texture. The Spendors remain agile and controlled throughout, handling each musical strand like a veteran puppet-master. These Spendors hold their composure, remaining endlessly listenable even when things get intense.
Refined yet entertaining, the top-of-the-line A7s continue Spendor’s knack for combining stunning precision, clarity and subtlety with hugely enjoyable dynamics and rhythm. These elegant Spendor A7s should make their way to the top of your list.
What Hi-Fi?, June 2018, Five Star Award Winner

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