The Audiophiliac Daily Show Reviews Haydn Jubilee

Tue, 12 Jan 2021

Guttenberg Vienna Acoustics ReviewThe best way to describe the sound of this speaker is TONE. It sounds tonally correct, meaning voices sound like voices---they sound human. Piano sounds like an instrument with vibrating strings inside. Guitars, flutes, drums---they sound natural.
[compared to the KEF LS50 Meta] ...the Jubilee's tone, that 80-150 Hz fullness that the Jubilee has, was not quite as full over the KEFs, and I missed it. I wanted some of that round quality, that satisfying fullness---that the LS50s didn't have in that area.
This speaker startled me---it just has amazing 'jump factor'. It sounds so present, so right there. It has that 'right there, right now' quality that I really liked.
[on Nick Cave's Idiot Prayer] ...the sound of the piano, the dynamics of the piano and the dynamics of the voice really impressed me. That's where the startle effect comes from. It can just jump and grab you by the throat kind of sound. I was very involved in listening to music over the Jubilees.
[on this Contemporary label Shelly Manne album] ...the little Jubilee was rockin' its heart out with this album. It's not afraid to boogie. These little guys can kick butt with conviction---they're not afraid to play surprisingly loud for their size.
I kept thinking LS3/5a---but this speaker has more 'oomph' to it. The bottom end is very satisfying for such a small speaker.
Piano black is a pretty common finish, these days---but this really looks like a piano! It's gorgeous. It's lacquer, impeccably finished. The cabinet feels very solid--- it's just a beautifully-crafted speaker. It feels like quality.
Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee, it sounds so right! I'm going to explore more from Vienna Acoustics in 2021.
Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac Daily Show, November 2020

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