Bluebird Music has carefully chosen to import the Croft models which offer the best performance at each budget level and logical upgrade steps. Below are our recommendations for Croft systems from entry level to state-of-the art.

Phono Integrated

Croft's Phono Integrated is a marvel and a hand-built jewel; a testament to a craftsmanship and a passionate love of music. This multi-award winning one-box solution delivers a stunning musical performance for the money and has received the industry's highest accommodations. The Croft Phono Integrated is a 7 Series amplifier with a Micro 25 phono stage. It offers three line level inputs and one MM phono input. Like all Croft good imaging and detail without a hint of grain, a great choice for simple one-box affordable systems. Click on the image at right for a larger picture.

If I were a designer or a builder, this is how I would do the thing. If I were buying in this price range, this is the one I would choose. Strongly Recommended.

Art Dudley, Stereophile Class B Recommended Product $$$, October 2013
Stereophile Budget Product of the Year Runner Up

Micro 25 Preamplifier

The Micro 25 is a purist, hand-built design featuring all point-to-point wiring and a hand built high quality MM phono stage that offers great sound and incredible value. It uses 3 x 12AX7 tubes and has three line level inputs and one MM phono input. Frequency response is 20 Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5 dB on Phono and 0.1 - 200kHz -1 dB into 100 kOhms on Line input. Sensitivity is 1mV rms for 0.5 rms output on Phono and 150mV rms for 0.5 rms output Line. Input Impeadance is 47kOhm Phono and 100kOhm Line. Output Impedance < 300 ohms.

Micro 25R Preamplifier

The Micro 25R raises preamplifier performance quite significantly by adding a tube regulated power supply. The result is a smoother more refined sound.

Micro 25RS Preamplifier

In past years we distributed a number of very high-performance, expensive, incredible sounding Croft products. These products could compete with virtually any electronics at any price. You can see our demonstration of some of these models if you refer to the Events section of this web site and look up the old Denver shows.

We are delighted that Croft is again making products offering the pinnacle of performance, and as is Croft's way, at extremely affordable prices. The Micro 25RS builds on the 25R preamp by adding a separate outboard power supply, and significant improvements to the: line stage, ht regulators, components and sockets. Heart-stopping 550VA transformers deliver the juice. At roughly $5,000 retail, the Micro 25RS is quite possibly the best value pre-amp on the market. The Micro 25RS power supply pictured here.

Series 7 Power Amplifier

The Croft Series 7 power amplifier is considered by us as "entry-level" but it is a wonderful performer offering a level of neutrality and transparency generally unheard of at this price. It is a hybrid design that uses 1 x 12AX7 tube for the first stage of amplification with very high quality solid state Mosfets delivering the output. Power is 45W rms, very stable and capable of driving a wide variety of loudspeakers even those which present challenging loads. The Croft Series 7 amplifier has been universally well received by consumers and the press and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a solid performer and great value.

A lovely, refined, and beautifully open midrange; and a full, well-defined bottom end that suggests natural bass as opposed to hi-fi 'punch' or 'slam'. Indeed 'natural' recurred in my notes more than any other adjective, and next came 'romantic'... an ability to establish a three-dimensional soundstage unsurpassed by any electronics I've used regardless of cost.

Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award Winner, September 2012

Series 7R Power Amplifier

The Croft Series 7R power amplifier builds on the Series 7 by adding a tube regulated 300VA torroidal power supply. Power is increased to 50W rms but the real beauty of this amp is the lower noise floor and improved transparency and inner detail resulting from the regulated and beefier power supply. A substantial upgrade sonically to the 7R.

Series 7R Monoblock Amplfiiers

The Series 7R Monoblocks accommodate larger transformers thus allowing the amps to deliver 100 watts of that liquid, pure, Croft sound.

RIAA Phono

For those wanting the magic of the Croft sound but not in the market to replace their preamp, the RIAA Phono is available. It uses 3 x 12AX7 tubes, has a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB, sensitivity 2 mV for 0.5 V rms o/p. Input Impedance 47 kOhms and power consumption 13 W.

RIAA R Phono

Tube regulated version of basic Phono - a nice upgrade.


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