Estelon's X Series is a line of revolutionary high-performance loudspeakers. Estelon effortlessly blends aesthetic and acoustic perfection by using the finest materials with uncompromising design. Its range of high-resolution, zero-distortion loudspeakers, offers breathtaking transparency that will open your eyes (and ears) to an unimaginable new world of high-fidelity music.

Each model is hand-crafted using a proprietary, patented marble-based composite, which eliminates all cabinet coloration and offers near-perfect resonance control. The resultant low noise floor enables absolute transparency and faithfulness to the original recording. 

Estelon’s choice of state-of-the-art, custom-built ceramic drivers, gives unparalleled speed and accuracy, delivering an ultra-high-resolution performance that’s perfect for today’s high-resolution audio formats. As you might expect, the finest internal components have been selected, too, complementing an uncompromising range of high-performance loudspeakers. 

The result is a wide-bandwidth, zero-distortion speaker line-up with breathtaking transparency. The Estelon hallmarks of wide imaging, a deep soundstage and thrilling dynamics, mean you’ll discover the true emotion within your music.

Estelons are like nothing you’ve heard before because they are the first speakers of their kind.

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