AVM Ovation MP 8.2 Media Streaming PlayerMP 8.3 Media Streaming Player

The MP 8.3 is a Roon Ready Streaming Media Player and CD player of the highest quality. A total of six digital inputs accommodate any digital source, with selectable down- or upsampling, and choice of smooth and steep digital filters. The onboard dual DAC processes PCM up to 192 kHz/24 bit as well as DSD 128. Popular streaming services such as Qobuz and TIDAL are supported, and full internet radio capabilities are provided. The Pure CD drive is isolated from external vibration and shock, and the unit has Multiroom and Party Sync capability, pairing with compatible AVM models. Control of the unit is by the included remote control, or by iOS or Android apps.

AVM Ovation PA 8.2 PreamplifierPA 8.2 Modular Preamplifier

The rave-reviewed PA 8.2 sets a new standard for sound quality and versatility. Modular architecture allows for multiple input and output card options; the unit comes standard with Phono, DAC, and tube line stage cards. The phono stage is configurable for either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges with a full range of loading options; the quad DAC has four digital inputs, all of which can be used simultaneously, and supports PCM files up to 384 kHz/32 bits and DSD files up to DSD 128. The tube line stage utilizes a pair of AVM’s own 803T dual-triodes. A separate Class A headphone amp produces non-fatiguing, smooth sound for extended personal listening sessions. Streaming from Qobuz, TIDAL, UPnP and webradio allows for effortless listening, conveniently controlled by iOS or Android apps. A full-function remote control is optional. The 8.2’s plug-in capabilities ensure that all future formats can be played, for decades to come.  Click image for inside view.

AVM Ovation SD 8.2 Streaming PreamplifierSD 8.3 Streaming Preamplifier

SD is short for Streaming DAC---a new and  incredibly versatile component that can serve as the core of the very finest systems, and is the perfect complement to AVM power amplifiers. The analog preamplifier features the exclusive 803T tube line stage for crystalline musical detail and delicacy, and a full range of inputs (RCA and XLR analog, 7 different digital inputs including USB stick capability) provide unmatched versatility. Two Sabre DACs provide balanced processing of PCM and DSD digital signals; Webradio and streaming from Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify Connect and UPnP allow for relaxed casual listening, and the SD 8.3’s Roon Ready status enables extended music discovery sessions. Whether it’s multiroom capability for gatherings and parties, or a high-quality Class A headphone amp for personal listening, this unit does it all. Versatile tone controls allow listeners to adapt sound to their preferences, and iOS and Android apps provide complete, intuitive control. A full-featured programmable remote control with color display is optional.

AVM Ovation PH 8.3 Phono PreampPH 8.3 Phono Preamp

The versatile PH 8.3 provides record lovers with world-class sound quality, whether they have 50 LPs or 5,000. It combines the sweet musicality of AVM’s exclusive 803 T dual triode vacuum tube with cutting-edge flexibility and control. Plug-in modules allow for up to four MC/MM inputs; cartridge loading is completely adjustable via remote control. Users can also remotely select from five different equalization curves in addition to the RIAA standard, maximizing performance from vintage records. Circuitry is fully DC-coupled, and is paired with five separate power supplies and all-passive equalization, ensuring that performance is stable and unaffected by even the most demanding desert island discs. 

AVM Ovation A 8.3 Integrated AmplifierA 8.3 Integrated Amplifier

The A  8.3 integrated amp provides world-class sound quality and versatility in a single-chassis unit. A true dual mono design with four separate power supplies and a tube input stage, the A 8.3 provides relaxed and detailed sound and rock-solid stereo imaging coupled to the dynamic drive provided by its high-current MOSFET power amplifier. With 2 sets of speaker terminals and 225 watts/channel, compatibility is assured with even the most demanding speakers. Home theater/AV bypass and a pair of 10 volt triggers ensure usability with any system, and a Class A headphone amplifier is provided for enjoyable personal listening. The unit comes complete with a remote control; iOS and Android apps are available, as well.  Click image for inside view.

AVM Ovation SA 6.3 Stereo AmplifierSA 6.3 Solid State Stereo Amplifier

The SA 6.3 is as powerful as most monoblocks, with output of 225 watts per channel---but it does so  from a single, elegant chassis. Three separate power supplies and a hefty toroidal power transformer ensure that the fully-balanced circuitry with 20 high-current MOSFET output devices per channel will reproduce music with all its power and impact. Balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs are both provided, and 2 sets of speaker terminals can be used for biwiring. The AVM Intelligent Remote and 10v input trigger provide compatibility with any system.  Click image for large picture.

AVM Ovation SA 8.3 Stereo Power AmplifierSA 8.3 Stereo Amplifier

The SA 8.3 provides effortless power with 450 watts/channel, backed by massive dual power supplies with a separate toroidal transformer for each channel. The tube input stage preserves delicate musical detail and ambience, and ultra-short signal paths and capacitor banks mounted on the high-current MOSFET output stages combine for superb transient response and unlimited dynamic range. Variable trigger inputs and an USB software update port guarantee system compatibility and future-proof performance.

AVM Ovation MA 6.3 Monoblock AmplifiersMA 6.3 Solid State Monoblocks

The MA 6.3 provides massive power from a compact chassis. 680 watts is delivered from each mono unit’s 40 high-current MOSFET output devices in a fully-balanced configuration. Each amplifier contains a massive toroidal power transformer and three separate power supplies, providing lightning-fast transient response and unlimited dynamic range. Both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs are provided, and 2 sets of speaker terminals accommodate biwiring. World-class sound quality is provided by these attractive, inconspicuous units.

AVM Ovation MA 8.3 Monoblock AmplifiersMA 8.3 Reference Monoblock Amplifiers

The MA 8.3 combines the delicacy and precision of a tube input stage with the power and unlimited dynamics of a high-current MOSFET output stage featuring 48 closely-matched devices and 1,000 watts per unit and will drive any loudspeaker with unmatched slam and drive, while maintaining immense reserve capacity, ensuring orchestral crescendi are reproduced with their full glory. Ultra-short signal paths and massive power supplies containing 5 transformers and capacitor banks with 40,000 microfarads yield unmatched transient ability and thrilling dynamic contrasts. The MA 8.3 is the pinnacle of the AVM line, and provides state of the art sound and lasting value.

Finish Options

All Ovation models are available in black or silver finish.

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