Canton’s five product ranges provide a variety of options for buyers. Moving up-range provides real, tangible improvements in: innovation, technology, materials, aesthetics and performance. Buyers at every price level can find a perfect solution to their needs and requirements. Click any image below for a larger picture.

Canton GLE in Makassar 

GLE Series

The GLE series is our most affordable and best-selling series. It features our advanced aluminum-cone woofers paired with a proven aluminum-manganese tweeter mounted in a waveguide housing. The front baffle is 22mm thick, finished in a matt lacquer, while the rest of the cabinet is finished in a white, black, or makassar wrap. The enclosures are rear-ported. GLE loudspeakers deliver an inviting smooth rich sound with deep authentic bass. GLE pictured here with beautiful Makassar wrap.

Canton Chrono Series


Chrono Series

The Chrono series offers more of our advanced technology for improved transparency and control. Titanium double cone woofers feature an advanced wave-surround allowing greater excursion and higher sound output with lower distortion. The high-density cabinet reduces unwanted resonance and features a high-gloss lacquer front baffle with elegant aluminum trim rings surrounding the woofers. The rest of the cabinet is finished in a black or white matt wrap. The enclosures are rear-ported. Click picture for large image.

Canton Chrono SL


Chrono SL

Our Chrono SL series delivers additional sonic improvements in timing, transparency and bass performance as well as beautiful high-end aesthetics - all at unusually good value. The upgraded triple-folded wave surround gives greater woofer control. High-density, seamless monocoque cabinets further reduce unwanted resonance and are finished in a luxurious high-gloss black or white lacquer. Stylish diamond-cut aluminum trim rings surround all drivers. The downward firing port gives tight precise bass and allows greater flexibility of in-room placement.

Canton Vento LoudspeakersVento Series

Vento series are premium quality loudspeakers meeting the highest standards and offered at exceptional value for money. They include our highest quality titanium-cone woofer and midrange drive units with an advanced wave-surround design. The tweeter is upgraded to a state-of-the-art ceramic diaphragm, mounted in a waveguide for smooth, sweet extended high frequencies.

The upgraded cabinets feature curved multilayer laminated ply construction for the ultimate reduction in unwanted resonances and are finished in a super-luxurious high-gloss black or white lacquer, sanded and sealed in an eight-stage process. Some models are available in a stunning high-gloss cherry veneer. All drivers are surrounded by diamond-cut aluminum trim rings and the cabinets are downward-ported.

Canton Reference


Reference Series

The Reference series are ultimate expression of the speaker-builder's craft. The advanced woofers and midranges feature our innovative aluminum cones with a proprietary ceramic-tungsten coating, combining low mass, controlled resonance, and increased pistonic behavior. The drivers possess extended excursion capabilities for higher output and lower distortion.

Tweeters feature optimized aluminum-ceramic oxide diaphragms, and are mounted in a waveguide for increased output and lower distortion. Premium-quality crossovers are mechanically isolated; the unique, curved cabinets are a premium, multilayer construction, finished in ultra-high quality piano gloss black or white. Some models are available in a stunning high-gloss cherry. The downward-firing Bass-Guide port eliminates resonances and port noise, and provides deep, tight, tuneful bass. Hear a pair today!

Canton Reference Range

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