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Would you like to have a beautiful high performance hi-fi system in your home, but were always wondering how to do this without all the boxes and wires? Canton has the answer.

Whether you want a simple two channel stereo system, or a full seven channel home theater set up, Canton’s new Smart speakers have the answer. These fully active speakers have everything you need built right in - powerful amplifiers for amazing sound and a wireless signal system so the speakers all easily connect and talk to each other. Smart speakers feature the best 24-bit technology for ease of use and reliable connectivity in stereo or surround applications. Just press Play and enjoy stunning sound quality from your music or movies.

Canton Smart Vento 3 S2 LoudspeakerWireless Active Loudspeakers

The fully active Smart Vento 9 S2 are equipped with powerful amplifiers that provide 600 watts of power to each floorstanding speaker. At the same time, wireless signal transmission with 24-bit signal processing between the speakers ensures music playback of the highest quality.

To enjoy music in your home, you only need to connect a source device and the power cables - external power amplifiers and speaker cables are no longer required.

In the shapely bass reflex floor-standing speakers, the two 8 inch titanium graphite woofers produce the deep extended powerful bass. Canton's unique double cone and wave surround technology ensures tight, fast and well-controlled bass even at high volumes.

As a perfectly matched active system Smart Vento speakers deliver powerful drive and music reproduction that is always clear and authentic.

Flexible, Convenient System

Smart Vento 9 S2 are easy to put into operation and shine with an enormous equipment package. A wide variety of sources can be connected to the numerous inputs: analog connections in high-quality XLR and RCA versions are available, as well as digital variants in optical and coaxial design. The USB-XMOS interface provides the best possible sound contact with computers. 

Smart Vento 9 S2 streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth - thanks to aptX this succeeds with the highest sound fidelity. A selection of cables is included so you can start playing music right away at home. You can expand the Smart Vento 9 S2 with additional Smart speakers from Canton and easily build a multi-channel system.

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